10 Aug

Autumn Dyed Hair Color For Stylish Girls

Are you looking for trendy hair color for this fall? With a suitable hairdo, not only you get a perfect appearance but also highlights your skin tone. Keep reading with MCSARA to find out the best color for your hair.

  1. Ombre Hair

Ombre is the French term about hair color. It describes that the color gradually moves from light to dark or vice versa. Today, it has become a very popular dyeing technique in the fashion industry. The ombre fade color trend has never stopped captivating trendy fashion followers. Ombre color trends are coming back and promising to explode in the autumn season of this year. The flexible color change makes your hair hue more unique, bringing fantasy and making you more attractive.

The remarkable point of the highlight ombre color hairstyle is that it suits any skin color, as long as you choose clever colors. Ombre hair is easier to hold than highlights hair because it is based on the natural color of your real hair, then lightens towards the end of the hair. However, ombre color dyeing is quite picky. It is best suited for layered hair or wavy style, but it is not suitable for the straight hair girls. Because it requires bleaching at the ends of the hair before coloring, it is easy to damage the hair and withstand more chemicals.

  1. Chestnut Brown Hair

This hue is not too bright nor too dark, bringing a novelty in your hair color that exudes feminine and gentleness for girls.

It can be said that chestnut brown hair is a color chosen by many famous stars to stand out their skin tones. The chestnut brown or deep brown is considered fitting for many different faces and skin colors, this hair color is specially matched to dark skin girls.

  1. Lemon Yellow Hair

The trend of lemon yellow hair dyeing will not be obsolete because it is a very picky color. This hue will give you a striking impression and a new style but there is also a higher demand than other hair colors in terms of skin color as well as how to match the outfit. If you have white skin then this is a perfect hue for you and what you need to do now is to choose a hairstyle that suits your face to create your awesome beauty.

This bright yellow shade has the effect of flattering your white skin. If your skin is not white but you love this color of hair, you should choose a characteristic hairdo with sophisticated trim to create your style.

  1. Red Hair

The red color on the hair makes your skin more rosy and radiant. Besides, this is also a hair color easily “disguised” with adults when in the house. Only when outdoors, your hair gleams the attractive red layers. Remember girls who have no white skin should only choose deep red, favoring brown hue. The bright red tones will be counterproductive to make your pale appearance.

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For those who have natural skin that is not white and not black, the color of red plum and purple light are colors of the hair that suit reddish-brown hair, especially, we polish and make the hair shine. If you have a slightly tanned skin that is the interference between brown skin and dark skin, a choice for you is the hair tones of light red, dark brown. However, with this complexion, the shiny black hair color is the best option.

  1. Green Hair

This hair color is a new and fresh hue bringing to fashionistas the newest images personally. And this is a hair color favored by members of well-known singers if you are an avid fan of these idols, then quickly own this beautiful green hair color.

Green hair is not a familiar color but it is a very worthwhile choice for strong individual girls. If you want to have a new look, it is not a bad suggestion. You can mix ombre hue to bring out an outstanding appearance. The modern mossy green hair color develops quickly today, so if you love this strange and impressive color tones, don’t ignore it. This hair is really beautiful and fashionable.

  1. Gray Hair

The style of gray-dyed hair is a nice idea for teenage girls. Besides, you should know the spectacular smoky-colored hair dye method that is guided in this periodical beauty article to get knowledge of hair care and refresh your stylish look.

If you’ve ever loved the traditionally hair colors, why do not give a trend of the hottest hair hue yourself?

  1. Balayage Hair

Balayage is the same dyeing technique that is similar to ombre hairstyles but not as intense as the original ombre. It is natural and more feminine. This dyeing technique was created by two French brothers and it quickly became popular.

Dyeing Balayage hair means that the dyers do not divide the hair into hair layers, they place the color directly on the positions on your hair and then mix them to create a natural coloring spillage. However, this hairstyle requires a skilled hand of hairdressers because if your dyer is not skillful, there are a lot of chances for the dyers will ruin your dear hair. This hairdo when released or tied up is still gorgeous.

If you don’t want to harm your natural hair, you can use MCSARA hair extensions that are from high-quality virgin hair so you will get the best shade of hair color when dyeing. With 22-inch weave hair, your locks can be enhanced completely.

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