22 Oct

How to attache clip in hair extensions properly

Clip in hair extension is one of the most popular hair extensions, including tip hair extensions, tape hair extensions and machine weft hair. It is the cheap and most convenient hair extension for many people.

Let’s find out how to use it properly in this article.

These are the steps that you should follow to have a beautiful hair extensions application.

How to attache clip in hair extensions

Step 1: Choose the suitable hair extensions

What does it means by choosing the right hair? It means the extensions and your real hair should be matched in color, textures and style.

For example, if your real hair is curly red hair, then you should not choose a straight blonde hair. It can’t blend in together.

Besides, if you hair is straight while your hair extensions is curly, you can try using iron to curl your hair. It might take a little more time, yet it is ok.

Step 2: Sectioning your hair into two parts

How to attache clip in hair extensions 1

Divide your real hair into two different sections, one on the top head and one in the lower part of your head.

You should make sure there is a horizontal line between them which stand from left temple to the right temple.

Then, tie the top part of hair with some clips or elastics.

If your hair is thin, you can use a comb and gently tease it in the root to make it a little bit thicker. This will help to secure the hair extensions tightly.

Step 3: Start to apply the hair extensions

How to attache clip in hair extensions 2

First of all, open the clips on your hair extensions.

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Second of all, align the top of hair extensions with the horizontal line that you have just made and snap the clips into places.

There are two types of clip in hair extensions: one large-piece hair extensions which is all weft together and smaller-piece hair extensions which has been divided into many sections of hair.

The large-piece one can be only apply all together in one place while the smaller piece hair extensions can be used in anywhere of your head.

The thing is, whether where you want to apply the hair, just make sure it looks even to other part of hair and the clips can’t be seen by others.

Now let’s come to the final step!

Step 4: Loosen the top section of your hair

How to attache clip in hair extensions 3

Untie the top section of your hair and gently blend it  with the hair extensions you just put on.

Use your hands to comb it and make it look natural.

That’s it, congratulations!

Those are the simple steps you should take to have a completely gorgeous hair extensions. If you still wonder where you can get the most beautiful hair extensions for yourself, maybe you should contact us now.

We have a wide range of hair extensions such as tip hair, tape hair, clips in hair and machine weft hair extensions. Besides, lace closure and wigs are always welcomed.

We really hope you will have a better hair in the future and remember that we are ready to serve you.

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