26 Jun

Amazing Hairstyle for Girl: A Different Kristen Stewart

Ten years since the flash of “Twilight”, Kristen Stewart has changed dramatically in beauty. From glamorous female beauty, she becomes lustful, masculine and passionate about gay love.

Kristen Stewart was born in 1990, started participating in television and film productions from the age of 8. However, she is only really famous and has become a top star since the fantasy series The Twilight Saga. At the beginning of the famous period, Stewart is loved by her beautiful, charming beauty with high nose life, deep eyes, and thin lips.

She often changes her hair color from brown to bright yellow and vice versa. With any hair color, the actress was also praised as beautiful and attractive. Acting ability is not so excellent but her luxurious, mysterious charisma is loved by movie lovers.

At any shooting angle, Kristen Stewart also exudes a beautiful beauty hard to resist. The green eyes-the rare eye color that only accounts for 2% of the world population, are said to be one of her most attractive points.

Not only famous for the face with standard lines but Kristen Stewart also possesses smooth white skin, charming body. She became a familiar face of fashion magazines thanks to the standard face rate and long legs, though only 1.65 m high – quite modest height compared to the common Hollywood star.

During his time with The Twilight Saga, Stewart maintains a glamorous image with long, wavy hair and feminine fashion.

Since 2014, the actress was born in 1990 cutting short hair and pursuing tomboy style. She has praised more personality and fashion thanks to the new image. Stewart also cultivates acting skills and participates in more specialized film products.

She also broke up with Robert Pattinson. The two people were once the most beloved in the entertainment industry. After a relationship with her partner in Twilight, the actress claimed she was bisexual. Also from this point, she often openly dated women, rarely going back to the boys. Since admitting to having feelings for both sexes, the 28-year-old star regularly cuts short hair and wears men’s clothing. No longer focusing on feminine images as before, the actress appeared in magazines with strong images.

Kristen Stewart has experienced many same-sex relationships over the years. She dated a female assistant Alicia Cargile, Victoria’s Secret Stella Maxwell angel. The actress had many problems while dating Robert Pattinson because of excessive public curiosity. Learning from old stories, the actress rarely mentions later love affair when appearing before the media.

Kristen Stewart is increasingly masculine and neglects to take care of her appearance since dating girls. Looking at the appearance of the current actress, the audience may be confused with a true guy because of her short, clawed hair, sleek sports suits and a rustic face without makeup.

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After broke up Stella Maxwell, Stewart dated with fashion blogger Sara Dinkin. When she was with her new girlfriend, she was stronger and more masculine than when she loved Victoria’s Secret. Many people commented on the gait, how to put their hands in the pockets of the pants or the arms of the actress’s girlfriend, which looked like a man’s figure.

Some of the short hairstyle of Stewart

No one to shy away from fashion and beauty risks, Kristen stepped out at the Chanel Couture show with this edgy side-swept style. The closely-cropped tangerine cut was done just hours before she took her place on the front row, and she told reporters on arriving that the look made her “feel free”.

Kristen Stewart debuted a new, darker hair hue last night at the premiere of her new flick Camp X. Showing off all different lengths on the sides, this has to be one of K-Stew’s most daring looks to date.

This is one of our favorite Kristen beauty looks. She matched her futuristic high-neck dress with a swept-back ‘do and stunning sparkly metallic eye. Dewy skin and a nude lip kept things soft and feminine.

How gorgeous is the hair Kristen rocked at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival! The extreme side-parting, glossy skin and smoky orangey eye shadow all added up to make a perfect beauty look.

Recently, Kristen has been wearing her hair in shorter and shorter styles. This slicked-back pixie look is rock chick perfection.

Growing out her bleach blonde buzz cut, Kristen is now sporting a short pixie style with darker roots.

At the premiere for her new movie Personal Shopper, Kristen once again showed off her ace new buzz cut hairstyle and her eye makeup was absolutely incredible. Pink glittery lids plus smoked-out outer corners? It totally works.

We’re kind of obsessed with Kristen Stewart’s new look. It’s certainly bold, with a new cut and color, but she totally nails the shaved look in our eyes. It looks so cool from the side and back, too!

Looking at Kristen Stewart at the moment, it’s hard to recognize her and Bella Swan in Twilight being the same person.

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