23 Nov


Impressed by her characters in the famous Camp Rock television show, Demi Lovato has become the idol of youth with songs that consistently reached the top 10 hits.

Wearing a blend of Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Italy, Demi Lovato possesses a sweet, seductive beauty with charming eyes and powerful vocals. In particular, she left in the public with the hair style very personal. Look at Demi Lovato’s hairstyles over the years:

Demi appeared at the Kid’s Choice Awards 2010 with curly black hair giving a glamorous look. If your hair tends to be naturally curly, just add some sticky glue and dryer, you will have a bobbing hair like her.

This is probably the most “virgin” hairstyle of Demi. Not bending, squeezing but just layer and brush the roof to one side, Demi has a gentle and sweet style too. If you have a beautiful natural hair, let it shine.

She looks so charming and mysterious with straight black hair. Her natural hair color is already eye catching and attractive, now more attractive with a little dark highlight.

This is one of the singer’s go-to hairstyles that she uses. She looks very great with big waves and her red lipstick adds just enough of an edge to complete the casual, but it looks very cool.

Presented at the AMA awards ceremony in November 2009 with large curly black hair, Demi looks mature and older. However, she still retains the charm of her inherent. Just roll up your hair with a hair curler, gently release it, keep it the same and finish with a little glue. This is very simple but still gives Demi a personal identity.

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Striking the red carpet at the People’s Choice Awards 2009 with black hair, Demi has made many people have to look. Faithful to the mysterious black hair of 2009 and just lightly hugging the curls in her face, she made a very different look, really appealing to the other person.

Bring old photos but new look and colors to the hair with distinctive light brown color. It seems ombre color in this hair. She will own the best hair when she makes from straight into curly or wavy depending her favorite. If you want to look like Demi, with natural skin, you should use highlight colors like gold, honey and caramel color to lighten your hair without damaging your hair.

Demi’s has a ponytail hair at the Teen Choice Awards was a daring look, but she pulled it off flawlessly totally. The highlight of the hairstyle was the rock star-approved wrap holding everything in place to make her attractive.

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