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Advantages of Tape in Hair Extensions

Tape-in hair extensions is one of the most popular hair extensions of increasing your hair’s length and volume, and below, you will find out why,

Those of you who are still not sure whether tape-ins are for you or want to find out more about them, take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of tape in extensions below.

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Tape-in Hair Extensions Advantages


Tape-ins are certainly much more flexible than clip-ins, for example, since you can cut the tape in half or even more, applying it onto areas that need very little extra hair. That way you can completely customize the tapes and make them fit perfectly.

Tapes Are Not Uncomfortable At All

 Advantages of Tape in Hair Extensions 1

If you’re worried whether tapes are uncomfortable, you should know that tape-ins are one of the most comfortable extensions ever! The tapes are only a couple of millimeters thin and very soft because they’re made out of glue. They lay completely flat on your head so you won’t even notice that they’re there. So if you want extra comfort, especially when sleeping with extensions, tapes should be your number one choice!

Cool Textures

 New tape hair

If you think all tape-in hair extensions are straight, you would be wrong. There are a plethora of textures available at MCSARA Hair including different textures of hair like Wavy ( Body Wavy, Deep Wavy, Natural Wavy, Loose Wavy), Deep curly, Loose curly,  Kinky Straight, funmi  and yaki…Choosing a texture that matches your own is crucial for a seamless blend.

Can Be Installed At Home

Another advantage of tape-in extensions is that you don’t have to hire a stylist to apply them, a friend will do. That means you can save tons of money and not have to spend ages at the salon. Since tapes are so easy to apply, there is almost no risk or getting it wrong and even if you do, simply remove the tape and try again.

Fast Application

 Advantages of Tape in Hair Extensions 2

The whole process takes only around 20 minutes which is really fast.  With tapes, you simply need to stick them to the hair and that’s it.

Tapes Are Undetectable

Transparent tape is very hard to see . This is great news for all girls who are terrified of people noticing their extensions. With tape-in extensions, you can be relaxed and go about your day, without having to worry whether the tapes are showing. 

Perfect For Thinner Strands 

If you’re one of those girls with very fine and thin hair, you probably know that your extension options are limited. The problem with thin strands is that they’re usually too fragile to hold extensions which can lead to further damage and thinning.  That’s why most girls with low density hair stay away from extensions, but did you know that tape-ins are 100% safe for thin locks? Since the tapes are very light and gentle on the hair, there will be no strain which is perfect. And since MCSARA Hair tapes are transparent, there is no way that they’ll be showing and you can easily hide them.


Custom Density 

Advantages of Tape in Hair Extensions 3

Tape-in extensions are very versatile and can be used in many ways. It is completely up to you how many tapes you wish to put in, thus controlling the overall density.

Dozens of Shades 

If you choose to shop from MCSARA Hair, we offer more than 30 different shades you can choose from, from natural shades of brown, blonde, and black to trendy colors like Red, Ombre colors or Mixed colors… and many others. So the color possibilities are endless and you can show off your unique personal style with our tape-ins.

Tapes Can be Changed 

In case the tapes get damaged in any way from removing the extensions, do not think that your extensions are ruined. The tapes can easily be changed in minutes. You can do that by removing the old tape, and replace it with quality double sided tape pieces. This way, you significantly extend the life of your tape in extensions, isn’t that cool?


If you think that tapes cost a lot, you would be wrong because they’re actually quite affordable.  And let us remind you that all of our hair is high-quality Remy which makes this a pretty good deal.

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