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A Look Back At the 1970s and Donna Summer’s Hairstyles

What reminds you of the appealing 1970s? Well, a great number of things might come to mind: disco, roller-skating, Studio 54, punk, Star War and so on. Honestly, there were LOTS of cool things that happened in the ’70s, but you know what else was super cool about that decade? The hair! Many iconic styles rose during this era, popularized by singers and actors alike. And of all these 1970s’ celebrity, Donna Summer, supported by her gorgeous hairstyles and beautiful voice, is the star that always shined brightly during that time. You are curious about the ‘70s’ hair trend, aren’t you? We show it right now in this post.

Women’s 1970s Hairstyles

There exist different hairstyles in the 1970s. They varied from long, soft and feminine to short, edgy and androgynous. New styles were being created throughout the decade. There were tons of experimentation and hair worked as if it were a mirror that directly reflected the times. How did that happen? Here we take a look at who influenced 1970s hairstyles, as well as the most popular styles worn by women throughout the decade.

  1. The Feathered Look

This iconic look was made common by actress Farrah Fawcett, who appeared in the soft, feathery hairstyle on the role of Charlie’s Angels. Arguably the most famous looks of the decade, the style involved mid-length to long hair, brushed back and outward at the sides, giving the appearance of the feathers of a bird. Feathered hair was worn by men and women, celebrities and non-celebrities, and its influence can be readily observed in contemporary hairstyles.

  1. The Shag

If ’60s hair was quite tailored and neat, the ’70s one was quite popular with the chaotic look. And one of the most signature hair of this style was commonly known as the Shag, a hairstyle whose name conjures up thoughts with a messy do. This look was made famous by Jane Fonda when she wore it in the 1971 film ‘Klute’. Immediately, it brought storm on everyone and inspired a nation to follow suit. The short to mid-length style was characterized by evenly progressed layers from the shortest at the top of the head, to longest at the bottom for an overall ‘shaggy’ effect. The look was worn by men and women alike in varying lengths and interpretations.

  1. Afro African

The ’70s is also associated with the disco era. And if there could be one hairstyle that was considered to be the signature one for the ’70s, it would have to be the Afro! After a decade of ultra-polished and controlled hairstyles, women relished in this way to let their hair free and be themselves. Quite simply, those who wanted to own an Afro allowed their hair to grow long and extend straight out from the head. Hair was curled or braided before it was styled in order to make it as kinky as possible.

  1. The Wedge

Dorothy Hamill took the world by storm when she created new figure skating moves and snapped up national, international and Olympic championships. But, that is not all of her power. Besides getting new standards on her sport, she also set a new standard in hair with her iconic wedge haircut – a short hairstyle that resembles a “bowl-like” shape with angled layers hanging above the shoulder.

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 Donna Summer Hairstyles

Well, we have witnessed how special Black women with their big hair were. Being the Disco Queen, Donna Summer positions herself in the hair trend. The devastating loss of the gorgeous ushered in lots of love for her dance hits, but also reminded us of her impeccable style and iconic tresses.

Oh, that hair. More than a look, it was a statement. Big hair complements a commanding presence because it becomes a character all on its own. Let’s see some of the ways Donna accentuated her texture with volume.

Stack Perm

Donna Summer is a style icon, and this 70s stacked perms she rocked during her youth just goes to show how classic and dainty this look is. A stack perm included perming the middle and lower parts of long hair. Lots of small perm rods were stacked away from the head and crown area on things like chopsticks.

It resulted in a mass of tight, smallish curls around the ends and length of the hair while remaining straight on top around the crown area, creating a halo of curls.

Big loose curls 

Achieving volume with straight tresses can be tricky. Summer’s most memorable album cover for 1977’s Once Upon a Time featured the diva rocking large barrel-sized curls that almost swallowed her gorgeous face. This look requires extensions, incredibly big rollers and a stylist that knows how to fluff and blend.

Long loopy curls

We can’t forget 1979’s Bad Girls cover, featuring a lingerie-clad Summer with long, loopy curls. For extra added oomph, bundle these curls together in large twists and then finger-comb.

A cascade of waves

For the sexy, sultry imagery for 1982’s State of Independence, Summer rocked wavy, bed headlocks. When working with a wavy mane, tip your head upside down and run a blow-dryer with a medium setting furiously through your hair. Flip hair back and gently re-style. You can also tease a little at your roots for bigger hair.

Tight short curls

This is a photo of Donna Summer taking in the mid-1980s in Los Angeles, California showing her hair in tight curls. This lock is so amazing. It brings her face out and highlights her wonderful honey skin.

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