14 May

6 Really Beautiful Hairstyles Only For Some Minutes

It only takes a few minutes so you can own the beautiful hairstyles rapture go to the party, to work or to go out without a lot of support tools. Did you ever think that you can own a beautiful hairstyle and highlight the eyes in just a few minutes, or even less than a minute? The truth is that there are super great hairstyle so: do not require complex Hair tools, made simple operation, fast compact. You still do not believe it? 6 following beautiful hairstyles is evidence convincing.

Stylized ponytail

Really Beautiful Hairstyles 1

Ponytail hair extensions

Classic and simple low ponytail style will become extremely strange and attractive when you replace ugly elastic hair ties by your own curl. You should leave two outside curls, roll both of them back and tie knot, then use pins to fix the tail with hair clips. It is really simple, isn’t it? Besides, this hairstyle is extremely elegant and feminine.

“Hide and seek” hair braids

Really Beautiful Hairstyles 2

A few elusive braiding strands will make ponytail or loosing hair more attractive. The combining formula, which is easy to implement but it is easy to be beautiful is creating two braided strands, one large and one small strand. Depending on your braiding ability, you can choose basic three braided strands or fishtail braiding style. It will only take you a maximum of 5 minutes.

Bun for bob hairstyle

Really Beautiful Hairstyles 3

Girls with stylish bob hairstyle can “change” their hair with a suspended bun of hair, which is liberal but feminine. A tip to make this hairstyle more attractive, sexy is spraying gel or powder to create puff and this makes bob hairstyle with bun become attractive.


Half bun hairstyle

Really Beautiful Hairstyles 4

Half bun with a bun of hair located on top of the head, which is suitable for girls with long hair. You can fix this bun with pins or hair rubber bands, depending on your favorite and with any tools. This hairstyle can be completed for less than 2 minutes.

Double ponytail

Really Beautiful Hairstyles 5

This is a fast-neat-light but really lovely hairstyle for girls with long hair. The great thing is that you can only take 30 seconds to complete this hairstyle. This is a simple but interesting “change” for too familiar ponytail style.

Bridge braid hairstyle

Really Beautiful Hairstyles 6

When looking through, this human hair hairstyle may be complicated, but you should not be confused with its appearance because in fact, you will only take about 5 minutes to make this hairstyle. All you need to do is taking a thin curl in each ear and then turn each curl to braid to other side and use pin to fix. Finally, if you want to be more graceful, you can tuck a fibrous headband as shown in the picture. Now do you feel that this hairstyle is complicated, don’t you?

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