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5 things to keep in mind before deciding to dye and bleach your hair

Are you passionate about bright and smoky dyed color and are you having an intention to “change” your hair? Before making the final decision, make sure you know the “price” you have to pay and how to protect your hair from that impact.

Thus, before you make the decision to “make friends” with the trendy hair color, you must definitely know how to care for dyed hair effectively and economically.

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Herein is a step by step procedure of caring hair comprehensively that you should keep in mind:

  1. Invest in shampoo specialized for dyed hair

Hair dyed, especially bleaching, will easily fade hair color after only a few shampoos if you do not invest in specialized shampoos. After bleaching, depending on the hair health, hair may be damaged the epidermis / structure (or both). You can ask for advice from the hair dresser to know if you should use shampoo to just keep the color or keep the color and recover. Specialized shampoos for dyed hair are now available in a variety of colors and prices. Ideally, you should buy a full range of dyed products including shampoos, conditioners, hair incubating cream creams, and hair sprays.

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Beside, you should also note not to wash your hair at high frequency. For at least the first month after dyeing your hair, you should wash your hair every two days with specialized shampoos to ensure that the dyed color is persistent and that the hair does not lose its natural oil.

  1. How to care for dyed hair by intensive care

Just shampooing properly is not enough for your dyed hair to recover. Before bleaching, you should prepare products that provide vitamins, nutrients and moisture to be able to “rescue” the hair immediately after the first shampoo. Even when your hair is oily, after dyeing, you should still favor products rich in nutrients. Every week you should apply mask to the hair with natural ingredients (coconut oil, honey, coffee, olive oil …) at least once. If you often have to work in an air-conditioned environment, you should bring your hair spray with you to provide moisture to your hair every 2 hours.

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3. Stay away from heat-generating devices

Basically, once you have chosen to dye and bleach your hair, you should not think of styling wavy or straightened hair with high-temperature tools. Even hair dryer should only be used in unplanned situations. Your hair dry due to dyed color will not be able to overcome the heat generated by the machines. If you have to fast-dry your hair, you should use a spray to restore your hair immediately. On the other hand, you should also limit take your head out in the sun.

  1. Trim your hair regularly

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After dyeing and bleaching, the ends of the hair will be susceptible to dry, split ends. That’s why you should trim your hair ends every 3 weeks – 1 month. If your hair color is faded, you should focus on the black hair, not let chemical fall into the damaged area of hair.

  1. Clean household appliances which can affect the hair

Not only bath towels but also bed sheets, pillowcases, blankets are also household items which can affect the hair. The purpose of this hygiene is to protect the scalp from the risk of fungal infection. Because dyed hair is already in a state of weakness and needs intensive care, you should not make yourself difficult by “picking” the disease for your hair. In addition, dyed hair care is almost completely in conflict with hair of fungal infection, so it will be a major disaster if you fall into this situation.

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