23 May

5 reasons a hair net is necessary for sew-in styles

Most weave-in hair stylists specializing in protective styles will make it clear that women need to have a hair net under their sew-ins. If you’re wondering what a hair net is, we’re definitely not talking about the ones that you’re high school lunch lady wore. The hair nets used for sew-ins are either nylon, polyester or cotton, elastic caps that are sewed onto a braided foundation. By asking several stylists why this was important, we can report to you the following reasons:

5 reasons a hair 1

A hair net gives your hairstyle the necessary foundation it needs. The net creates a barrier between your hair and the thread and tracks, which puts much less stress on your hair. Traditionally, the tracks will be sewed directly to your hair, the braids.

5 reasons a hair 2

If your hair is fine or if you’re experiencing hair loss, the net will give the hair stylist enough coverage to create the hair styles that you ask for without damaging your hair any further. It is always important to keep in mind the actual health of your hair. In many cases, women will chase the look of a hairstyle without minding the actual health of their hair.

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Given its foundation, the hair net makes the hairstyle last longer. Maggie, master cosmetologist at Maggie’s Weaving Studio in Atlanta, says, “The hair net makes a difference. Your hairstyle can last up to three more weeks just because of it.

5 reasons a hair 4

The key to a beautiful sew-in is its flatness. After all, we all want our sew-ins to looks as natural as possible. The hair net creates this flat foundation to create a look without any bumps.


Lastly, versatility. The net allows you to continue getting different hairstyles without putting the stress on your hair. You can continue to create bold, beautiful looks without the stress of how your hair will be able to withstand it. Women with alopecia, women with thin hair and women experiencing hair loss can all enjoy the pleasures of a sew-in with no worries.

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