23 Apr

5 Hair mistakes that make you look older

The wrong length

5 Hair mistakes that make you look older 1

Finding the perfect haircut for your face shape can be a lifelong search. Talk to your stylist about the most flattering look for your hair and face type. Our hair thins as we age, so keeping it long may accentuate the thinning. If hair is thinning, going shorter is an option. If you’ve had long hair your entire life, it might be time to update to a lob.

Careful with color

5 Hair mistakes that make you look older 2

Going too dark can add years to your look. Your hair color should complement your skin tone. If you have fair skin, jet black is not the best choice, and it’s always a good idea to have more than one color to add depth and dimension. No matter your hair color, if you go up a shade or two, it will give the appearance of looking more youthful, but the placement of highlights is key. Have your hairstylist frame your face to brighten your complexion.

Show off your gray

5 Hair mistakes that make you look older 3

As the gray hairs start to take over, most of us assume it’s time to start covering them up, stat. However, not everyone has to rush to their colorist. There are a few lucky ladies with the perfect, enviable silver. Talk to your stylist about how you can show off your gray with panache. How about accentuating your gray with silver glosses, pepper lowlights, and the right cut. Another feature that will give you a younger look? Having the confidence to embrace your gray and rock it.

Never changing your look

The biggest mistake women make when it comes to looking older is keeping the same hairstyle for decades. It’s important to evolve – everything usually comes back around, but with a modern twist

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Slicked back styles

5 Hair mistakes that make you look older 4

Do staying away from pulled back styles that come off as too youthful, such as pigtails or mini side buns. These looks can be fun and flirty for a 20- or even 30-year-old if done in a dramatic or feminine way, but can look ridiculous on a 40- to 50-year-old, aging them by the nature of being disconnected, and not-age-appropriate.

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