25 Oct

4 Must-Have Hairstyles for Thinning Hair

Finding the perfect hairstyle for thinning (or thin) hair can be a challenge. But, with the right hairstyle and product line-up, you can make the most of your locks and create full, swoon-worthy looks that even girls with the thickest hair would be jealous of! Peep these must-have hairstyles for thinning hair for a little hair-inspiration.

Hairstyles for Thinning 1

  1. Red waves

Just because you have thinner hair it does not mean it cannot be long!. Soft waves and bright red color bring fun and extra density to your locks.

How to style:

  • Apply a thickening cream to damp hair that has been washed with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner .
  • Blow dry hair, starting with your head flipped over to give you extra volume. Finish drying with a medium round brush.
  • Once hair is completely dry, use a 1 to 1 ½ -inch curling wand to wave hair in two-inch sections.
  • For extra hold and lift, you can apply a light hairspray, making sure to spray lightly near your root area.

Best face shape and hair type:

Square and heart shaped faces look fabulous in this long wavy look. Hair that is fine to thin and naturally wavy or straight is a perfect starting point to recreate this style.

  1. Deep Teal Texture

Dive into the blue with this amazing deep teal color that is shown off with a rough texture. It gives the finest off locks a boost of volume!

How to style:

  • Apply sea salt spray to damp hair
  • Blow dry hair with just your finger, moving it in different direction to give extra body.
  • Once it is completely dry, using a large curling iron to curl different sized sections in alternating directions.
  • Flip head over and give your curls a shale out once they are cooled
  • Spray sea sat spray in hair and scrunch ends where needed.
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Best face shape and hair type:

Heart or round shaped faces look great in all this texture, while hair that is strong enough to be lightened is a must for this color. Finer hair that is straight to wavy is awesome for recreating this style.

  1. Angled Bob

This softly angled bob gives thinner, finer hair the option of a little extra length. The stacked layers in the back create beautiful fullness.

How to style:

  • Apply thickening lotion to damp hair
  • Blow dry hair using a medium round brush
  • Once hair is dry, use a large curling iron just on the ends of hair to give them a soft curl or bend.
  • Finish with your favorite hairspray

Best face shape and hair type:

Square, round or oval face shapes look amazing in this angled style, while hair that is naturally straight and fine to thin does well in recreating this look.

  1. Long and layered

Added layers give thinning hair style and volume. Hair style can be changed so easily too by simply adding curls or waves.

How to style:

  • Apply a medium hold volumizing spray from roots to ends
  • Blow dry hair in sections, lifting hair up and away from your head to create volume and turning the ends under I recommend using a medium-sized round brush, but if you have shorter layers, you can also use a small round brush
  • Using your favorite hairspray, mist your entire head and piece out and separate the layers.
  • Finish off with your favorite shine spray.

Best face shape and hair type:

The best face shapes for this easy and soft style are oval, diamond or heart. Fine to thin textures that are straight will make styling a breeze.

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