24 Nov

2017 trend of long beautiful straight hair for round face becomes more attractive

This long, beautiful straight hair is the best and most beautiful female hairstyle that we want to introduce to you; hopefully this will be a useful advice to make your face look balanced, elegant and more harmonious.

long beautiful straight hair 1

Maybe for many people, naturally straight hair is somewhat rural, not new and attractive but you are totally wrong. Because in the modern trend, this hair style has been changed and believing that you will go from surprise to surprise other times when you see the nice photos below.

However, for the short-haired girl who wants to follow this trend, it is indeed impossible. The question here is how to make short hair into long hair in one day. Thanks to hair extension technology, everything is easier than ever. Owning a long hair is easier than ever.

There are many different ways to ‘fix’ your hair long in a blink of an eye; your duty is to choose which one is suitable for you most.

long beautiful straight hair 2

Clips-ins is the quickest way, because basically you only need 2 seconds to clamp or remove the hair extensions.

Tape-ins is a way of sticking a thick piece of human hair extensions into your real hair with a double-sided stick.

With Sew-ins method, the hairdresser will set a line of hair roots and stitches fixed on each piece of hair extensions with sewing thread.

Depending on your hair quality as well as the need for long hair, you will choose which hair style need. Ideally, you should seek expert’s advice from reputable agencies to make the right choice for you.

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In addition, the hair to be used to attach to your real hair before using you should also considered for hair (artificial or real hair), styling (straight hair extension or curly hair extension) and color. So, to be sure of quality, you yourself should find and buy your own hair extensions to match your hair.

long beautiful straight hair 3

Take good care of the hair extensions!

Like your real hair, the hair extension can also be split and damaged after being styled over and over again. To protect them, before styling, you always have to remind the stylist to apply heat-resistant glue to the entire part of your hair and notice deep moisturizing for your hair at least once a week.

When drying your hair, you should ask the hairdresser to skip the bristle brush with a regular comb. Instead, use fingers through your hair to avoid stretching and loosening the hair extensions. If you do it at home, then please take note of this!

Hair extensions have been in use for some years but now there is no sign of ‘cooling off’ because of its versatility and variety. Do not forget to have your hair ready to have good preparation, so you can take good care of your hair and have a perfect hair!

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