17 Oct

13 Best Hair References For Winter 2019

Winter is coming so that women must have concerned about hair reference to change their appearance.

Now MCSARA International Joint Stock Company- one of the best human hair export companies in Vietnam will introduce for you 13 hair references so that you can choose the most suitable hairstyle.

  1. Short curly hair


Short curly hair brings for people the specific beauty which is suitable for hefty and active women. Moreover, short curly will help your hair look thicker.

  1. Long body wavy hair


In my opinion, everyone wants to have long and smooth hair like this! Long body wavy hair can make you shine with classy and noble beauty. You seem to be sexier with smoothie wavy hair. Besides, it expresses the graceful beauty of women.

  1. Long straight blonde hair

Long straight blonde hair is a notable hairstyle in all seasons. In the winter, the color around is quite dark and bleak, so that light color is a perfect choice for women.

  1. Long straight black hair

Long straight black hair makes women satisfied with gentle and elegant beauty. From ancient times to the present, straight hair has never been out of fashion.


  1. Bob straight hair

Bob straight hair is one of the best choices in the winter. Besides, it can be said that blonde is a high fashioned color so that it brings for women an aristocracy beauty.

  1. Deep body wavy at the tail of hair

Smoothie hair with deep body wavy at the tail of hair makes you look like a princess. If blonde reminds the high fashioned beauty, dark brown reminds of sweet chocolates.

  1. Short light brown hair

Light brown will change your appearance becoming gentle and nice. Short light brown hair is more youthful than black hair or blonde hair.

  1. Long curly black hair


Long curly black hair is suitable for women like the mystery.

  1. Long curly blonde hair

So what about long curly blonde hair? I think it is so nice.  I think this color will brighten the woman’s face.

  1. Long natural wavy light blonde hair

Besides, long natural wavy light blonde hair makes women so pretty.

  1. Bob red hair

What a sexy hairstyle! Do you think so? With bob red hair, you look like a red rose in the cold winter.


  1. Short black hair

Do not think that short hair is not suitable in the winter. This hairstyle will make you become a spotlight in the crown with women having long hair.

  1. Lob haircut

This is the high fashion hairstyle which brings for the youth as well as the confidence in everywhere.

  1. Pixie with Nape Undercut

If you have fine dark hair, jazz it up with some blonde highlights to add dimension and make it look fuller.

Unfortunately, more women do not have long, thick and smooth hair due to many causes. Furthermore, they want to change a new hairstyle without cutting hair. So that a hair extension is the best choice and the fastest way because it not only concealers hair defects but also improves the woman’s beauty.

When reminding hair extension companies in Viet Nam, we have to remind to MCSARA trademark. MCSARA can make sure that: our hair extensions are 100% Vietnam human hair with no chemical, no tangle and no shedding. Besides, we provide useful information for taking care of your hair as well as some tips teaching how to apply toupee and return and guarantee policy on the website.

With MCSARA, just a few minutes, you can choose for you or your woman the best one at a suitable price. Below is one of our best choices for customers:

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MCSARA commits to provide to the customers the best products to make customers satisfied. Let’s change your style and your life.

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