18 Apr

10 Minutes to Style Holiday Hairstyles with 18 Inch Hair Extensions

How do you spend your holiday? Stay in bed? Go out for a date? OR spend your time with some girlfriends? The last thing you want to do after you finish the make-up and dress-up must be spend time faffing with your hair. As the easy hairstyles are quick, simple and great, many girls are more likely to spend their 10 minutes to create these four holiday hairstyles. If you have 10 minutes now, why not have a try? Hope the following hairstyles can give you a surprise.

Braid can be done within 10 minutes

Hairstyles with 18 Inch Hair Extensions 1

It is well know that a nice needs medium long hair at least. Girls whose hair is short or not long enough can try to apply the medium length human hair extensions. 18 inch hair extension is available if you want to save money and buy cheap hair extensions.

Here is a suggested braid. Make sure your hair has been blown dry and then make a natural side part by raking your fingers through hair. Start braiding a French braid along your hairline. The way to braid is very common and if you have no idea, you can check How to braid your hair into French style and you can find the very detailed explanation of French braid with clip in remy hair extensions. Remember to make a thick braid and secure the braid with a small, clear elastic band, leaving some inches of loose hair at the end. Tie the end of your braid and the rest of your hair into a ponytail and then twist it clockwise into a hair bun just above the nape of you neck. Bobby pins are needed to secure the bun at last.

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Dramatic Double Twist Updo

Hairstyles with 18 Inch Hair Extensions 2

This one is much suitable for medium to long hair. Twist is easier than braid and it can also make a perfect look if you practice more. Give you an example for you to learn.

Brush all your hair back and gather it at the nape of you neck. Divide it into two sections and tie each section into two low pigtails with hair elastic. Keep twisting pigtails so that they begin to move in toward the other, entwine tightly and bunch up on top of one another. Secure the twist with bobby pins. One hint here is you can apply some serum to avoid frizz.

Pushed-back Volume Hair

Hairstyles with 18 Inch Hair Extensions 3

Actually, this hairstyle will not take you 10 minutes to finish. Make sure your hair is clean and blown-dry before you start and brush it back away from your face to smooth it. Girls whose hair are thin can apply the real human hair extensions for a better style. Pick the section you want to make it look voluminous and comb downward several times. You can use a cute accessory like crown to make the whole feeling more flattering.

Glamour Slide-Swept

Hairstyles with 18 Inch Hair Extensions 4

Make your hair slide-swept can help you look glamorous in any parties. It is sexy and charming enough. You can make it wavy or loose curly and match with a sapphire-blue crepe column corset dress. This hairstyle need your hair long enough so that the curls can under your chest and will not widen the shape of your face. 18 inch hair extensions can fulfill the need and you can make some differences on the color.

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