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Bob’s hair is a style of short hair that many girls love and choose to for themself. Because this hairstyle is never outdated and easily changed with different styles, you will never worry that you will look old with it. A hair cut combined with styled bangs will create a beautiful, stylish and trendy hairstyles for you. Therefore, the trend of beautiful hair 2018 can not miss this attractive bob hair. In recent years, bob hair is not only as monotonous as before but also quite eye-catching and is expected to become the hottest hair trend today.

Here are the 8 most popular bob hairstyles that you should not miss to welcome the new summer  with many joys and interesting activities.

  1. Curly Style


Curly Bob a hairstyle that you can not ignore to express your personality. This is a combination of new hair style between short hair and light curly style, you can make curly all the hair or just the tail,  they are all very beautiful and suitable for you. Do not be afraid to choose your own curly bob hair style to change and refresh yourself and feel more confidence.

  1. Slut Haircut


Sure, you will find this hairstyle a little weird but actually this hairstyle is really appeals to the youngsters because it’s stylish and personal, with a short styling in the back and a longer hair forward, creating a feminine and attractive look. You can choose this style along with hair dye to create more dynamic personality for yourself.

  1. Tomboy Style


If you are a girl who loves personality style or tomboy style, this Vienamese hair will help you create your very own style. Bob tomboy hair looks very neat, you just need to combine with dyed hair like brown hair or chestnut color to enhance the youthful and dynamic beauty for yourself.

  1. Trimmed Style

You will become so much lovely with this bob hairstyle. It not only help to create a slender face, but also help you express your femininity. In addition, this bob hair style is very suitable for you to choose in the hot weather because it will make you feel much cooler. To look more youthful and lovable, you can combine this bob hair style with the slanted bangs, it will also fit and help you add a lot of charisma.

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