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If you are a fan of US-UK music, you absolutely know Rihanna – a legendary singer. Not only her music but also her hairstyle can influence people a lot. Many people imitate her hairstyles and have amazing look. Rihanna is known as the singer who changes her hairstyle regularly and always appear with stunning appearance. Changing hairstyles is such regular, of course, she need hair extensions – effective beauty hair tool. Hair extensions allow you experience many different hairstyles without waiting your natural hair grows and recover. To know how frequently she changes her look, let see 10 trendy Rihanna’s short hairstyles in this below post.

Red hot side-swept pixie


Rihanna looks amazing with this style. If you like this short hairstyle, it is simple for you to do it. Just divide your hair into two sections. Slick the back of your hair into a bun and leave out a section of hair at the top.

Pixie cut


This pixie cut is Rihanna’s most successful looks and our favorite Rihanna short haircuts. This style brings to her power and strength. In this look, she is powerful and active.

Caramel bob with side-swept fringe


She always knows how to make herself glamorous with short hair. Appearing with caramel bob with side-swept fringe, Rihanna looks breathtaking. Taking the hair in one side with perfect texture and volume bring out the unique beauty.

Fiery fauxhawks


With the same length of her hair, Rihanna can experience many amazing hairstyles. To have this look, thing to do is to shaven at the sides and voluminous in the top. Fiery fauxhawks will be great for girls with heart-, square- and oval-shaped faces.

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Two-toned short bob


The look can refresh when the hair is added some colors. The two-toned short bob brings to Rihanna gorgeous look. It frames her oval-face beautifully. If you have intension of getting this style, remember to apply anti-frizz serum to keep your hair in place. Moreover, you can apply 20 inches hair extensions to have thicker one.

Wavy bob


Different from the pixie cut, a wavy bob and newly cut fringe makes the singer look so sweet. This hairstyle and her smile can make other people fall in love.

Pixie cut with soft waves


The pixie cut is great for Rihanna because whenever she appear with this hairstyle, the effect is very good. This style also frames her face well.

Blunt angular bob


This bob style shows her hair’s shine and smoothness. Rihanna looks both sweet and sexy in this look. This style is suited for women with straight and thick hair. However, if your hair is thin, do not worry because applying hair extensions is your solution.

Above are 8 short hairstyle Rihanna loves. These styles are amazing and contribute a lot in enhance her appearance. If you like Rihanna and would like to imitate her short hairstyles, these are really useful for you. If you worry about your thin hair or any hair issues, stop it! All can be solved by hair extensions. To get the best result, you can consider McSARA – one of the brands supplying the best quality hair extensions products.

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