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Why choose Vietnamese real hair extensions?

Real hair extensions in Vietnam was inherited the best conditions

As you know that geographical features, environment, life styles, etc will affect to hair characteristic and Vietnamese hair is also one of them. Thick hair is big hair fiber, it is strong hair. This hair is often cut in Vietnam countryside and other areas and most popular of Vietnamese hair.

Why choose Vietnamese real hair extension

Pre-bonded real hair extension in brown color and blonde color

Using real hair extensions is economical

Choosing the real hair extensions for your next hairstyle is so important. With our Vietnamese hair extensions, you won’t have to worry about spit ends. In fact, you can flat iron and re-style your hair with ease and confidence. Vietnamese real hair extensions are thick and full of body. With proper care, virgin hair can be re-used for over a year. All of our bundles come from a single person, so all cuticles are running in the same direction. It unprocessed hair to make sure it can be beautiful colored.

Why choose Vietnamese real hair extension-1

Tape hair – blonde real hair extensions 28 inches

MCSARA International company, we pride ourselves on offering customers superior quality real human hair extensions. Our Vietnamese hair extensions are high quality double machine weft using original and top hand selected 100 % Vietnamese human hair.  As a result, it is tangle free, doesn’t shed and offers long lasting vitality. With our Vietnamese hair extensions, you will experience some of the world’s softest, smoothest and most luxurious hair without any mixing

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