November 16, 2015

Hand-tied weft hair color # 60

Hand-tied weft hair blonde color # 60 is known very high quality hair in the world with smoothy, silky and shiny. Because Vietnamese women consider Vietnam remy hair as a part of their body. They never use chemical shampoo, instead they use the shampoo which made from the material easy to find on the ground for tropical monsoon climate such as: lemon juice, locust, grapefruit peel,… With that natural materials, they have a hair strong, shiny, not damaged even in difficult afternoon weather of the season as it is now.

Hand-tied weft hair is the hair which weft by human hand, not machine. This Vietnam hair is made by 100% virgin natural hair of Vietnamese women. The hair after cut down is cleaned and weft by human hand. Hand tied weft hair are pre-cut in 5 strips and lay flat in the scalp. View from outside can not be discovered hair extensions.

Product description

Hand-tied weft hair # 60

– Style: Straight, Wavy, Curly Vietnam human hair

– Length: From 16 inches to 32 inches (from 40 centimeters to 80 centimeters)

– Color: From Dark Brown to Blonde

– N.W: 100Gr/120Gr/150Gr per piece or customer options

– Min order: At least 300Gr

– Payment methods: Bank Transfer, Western Union, Money Gram, Paypal

– Delivery: UPS, Fedex, EMS, DHL, Cargo carrier

– Time: 3 – 10 days after receive customer’s payment depend on quantity

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