24 Aug

20 inch tape in straigt hair extensions

  • Type: Tape in hair extensions 
  • Hair Grade: 100% Vietnam remy hair
  • Style: Straight hair
  • Length: 20 inches
  • Color: Black color
  • Material: Vietnamese Human Hair
  • Textile: 100% unprocessed hair, Silky, SoftAll cuticle
  • Place of Origin: Vietnam
  • Weight: 100 grams/ 1 bundle
  • Hair features: No shedding,No tangling
  • Payment methodPaypal, Western Union, Money Gram, Bank
  • Ship byUPS, DHL, EMS or FEDEX

20 inch Tape in hair extensions black color made by high quality Vietnam remy hair. A piece of tape hair has adhesive tapes at the both 2 sizes so you can use them to attach to your hair roots. After using it can be removed from your head and the tape can be replaced. Customers, especially salon owners also purchase this tape roll to replace already used tape for customers.

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There are many colors that we can make for tape hair besides our natural color black. You can see here we have some blonde tape hair and brown hair.

So why tape hair becomes more and more popular in the beauty world? Here are the answer.

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Low Maintenance: Tape in extensions are the easiest hair extension method to maintain due to their thin construction and 1.5 inch width. It is the easiest hair extension to maintain. You tape it and forget it, until about 10-12 weeks when it’s time to move them up. High quality tape extensions from Mcsara company will not shed or tangle and they will be reusable. As long as you have a good quality tape in hair extension brand, the maintenance will be super easy and hassle free.

Least Damaging: Tape in extensions are the least damaging on the market. They are very lightweight and do not pull on your own hair like other extensions do. Clip in extensions are actually VERY heavy and will cause bald spots if you wear them every day. Note: if you have fine hair, traditional clip ins are not best for you! Individual extensions (fusion, micro, i-tip etc) can be very damaging and tend to tangle more, causing you to lose hair. Tape in hair extensions are non-damaging and very easy to remove. you will not lose hair or experience any discomfort. This is the goal of hair extensions – damage free and comfortable!

Reusable: Tape in extensions are reusable for up to a year, they are good for 3-4 applications. Being able to reuse your hair extensions is such a benefit, especially if you have had your extensions customized with a cut or color. Once you remove the tape extensions you clean them, add new tape, and then re-apply them. That is why getting high quality tape extensions is most important. You want good hair and tape to last through the year, or else you will be removing your new tape extensions within a matter of 4 weeks. However, good quality tape extensions are reusable and this makes it worth trying. Individual extensions are not reusable and clip extensions tend to get worn out within a matter of 6 months (depending on your wear and use). Reusing extensions is worth it especially when you pay to have them cut colored etc. The removal of tape extensions takes only 15 minutes. Whereas the removal of individual extensions can be hours (with hair loss and hair pulling involved)!

Invisible and Flexible: There are so many things you can do with tape extensions that you cannot with clips: wear them in any type of hairstyle: braids, super high ponytails etc.
They are really thin and invisible! They are so flexible in your hair too – you cannot feel them when you brush over them or wash them. The best thing about tape in hair extensions compared to individual hair extensions is that when you wash and blow dry your hair they are MUCH more flexible and easier to dry and take care of. The individual extensions are stringy, tend to tangle, and the actual bonds are not as flexible and soft as tape extensions when it comes to washing and blow drying. If you want truly invisible and flexible extensions, tape in hair extensions are the best.

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