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Hair loss is one of hair problems that many women have to face up to. Your hair will lose the volume and become thinner, therefore; this is women’s nightmare. Because of the bad effect on not only health but also appearance, many people want to find a solution to escape from this hair problem. One of the popular ways that many people apply is using hair extensions, the hair you add into your own hair to make it look thicker and longer. Many brands of hair extensions are on the hair market and a high-rated brand is Vietnam hair. Vietnam hair is considered as the high quality hair and it is suitable for many kinds of hair.

Although Vietnam hair can help you solve hair loss problem, it can not stop your hair from shedding completely. Therefore, to have beautiful hair with Vietnam hair extensions, you need to take care of your hair well.


To help prevent your hair from shedding, it is important to know clearly the reasons of this problem. You can have to face up to hair loss problem by many reasons such as stress, postpartum and so on, however; the main factor is hormone DHT. As a result, to escape from hair loss problem, what you have to do is to block this hormone.

If you have used many medicines or hair care products but they are not effective, we will introduce a natural tip that help you stop worrying about this problem, it is using black tea rinse. Black tea contains caffeine which works in blocking DTH, the reason leads to hair loss problem. The caffeine is also found in coffee, however; it is more in black tea. That is why black tea is chosen to stop hair from shedding.

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You have known why black tea rinse is good for preventing hair loss, now it is necessary to know how to use it.

What you have to do is simply apply back tea rinse after your hair is washed with shampoo. To prepare black tea rinse, you get 2 to 4 bags of black tea and steep them in hot water. Steep them for as long as possible. You can steep them in a few hours or more or even overnight because the stronger the brew, the better your hair results will be. After your natural hair is already washed, spray the black tea rinse onto your hair and scalp for 20 to 30 minutes.

This way has applied by many people, including some famous Youtubers, so you can trust it. Apply black tea rinse every two weeks, you will see the amazing change of your hair. Not only is hair loss problem controlled but your hair also is strengthened and becomes shiny. Therefore, consider this solution and apply it to have healthy and thick hair that makes you more beautiful and confident. When you have healthy own hair, Vietnam hair extensions will be the effective support to help you gain wonderful look and attract people’s attention.

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