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A new school year is coming. This is the time when students are eager to prepare for the opening ceremony of new school year. Apart from clothes, shoes and necessary school supplies, hairstyle is also a matter of concern to the girls. They may come up with many different questions, for instance: What hairstyle is appropriate for school environment? What hairstyle will reflect the true characteristics of school-age students? What hairstyle can give them a newer look in comparison with the previous school year?

Let’s go over some of our suggestions so that all of the above worries are blown away right away.

Ponytail hairstyle

Ponytail is considered as “the boss” of all hairstyles because almost all girls, including high school students with long hair have tried ponytail hairstyle at least once in their life, whether it is straight hair, wavy hair or curly hair. Any girls with a ponytail will look really young and dynamic. Besides, it takes you less than 3 minutes to have a beautiful ponytail which is very suitable for hot summer weather. Are those things enough to explain why ponytail hairstyle never goes out of fashion in spite of its popularity?


Two side braids

As can be seen, different types of braids are becoming increasingly diversified. Although two side braids have been previously criticized as being “rustic” or “outdated”, these days this hairstyle is the top choice of many girls when going to school, especially Vietnamese girls, Korean girls, Japanese girls and Thai girls. It is not only cute but also creates a feminine look. With two side braids, you can use some accessories like manes, bandages, turban towels or wear earrings to be sweeter.


High bun

During hot summer days, it will be very hot if you wear your remy hair extensions down, but it seems to be quite boring if you are loyal to ponytail hairstyle everyday. Let’s try on high bun hairstyle. In recent years, high bun hairstyle has received a great love from many school girls as it brings a feeling of youthfulness and jauntiness. Remy hair extensions are gathered neatly into a high bun shape at the back of your head, which helps to show all the beauties of the face. In addition, your face will be lighter and brighter thanks to high bun hairstyle.


Half up, half down hairstyle

Previously, it was assumed that half up half down hairstyle only suits people with mature style who are always elegant and tender. However, along with the flow of time, many different variations of this hairstyle have appeared and become popular. Not only is there half up, half down hairstyle for mature people but also for young girls. The biggest advantage of this hairstyle is that it can be applied to both long hair and short hair. Moreover, you can freely make a half up half down tie, a half up, half down bun or even a half up half down braid.


Wish you a new school year full of passion, energy, happiness and successes with new hairstyle, new look!

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