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Because the hair is too thin, so many defects on the face are not listening to the words that betray you. Having tried and tried many hair care tips, everything has not been improved. If you have not quit, let, Apohair, suggest you 4 beautiful hairstyles that will make your hair thicker.

Angled lob – the shoulder length hair


Is a long hairstyle doting or just over the shoulders. Angled Lob hair can bring a beautiful, flowing, graceful hair. Besides, it also has a concealer effect to help your face become compact.

The length of the shoulders of Lob hair also contribute to her thick hair. Emma Stone’s hairstyle, with its thin bangs covered with hair, was slightly curled under the tail and made up of several layers.

Long, light layers


If your thicker hair is your goal, try suggesting to the hairdresser to add a little touch to your tail. For example, you can curl the hair in the tail, hair trimmed into several layers with light colors alternating.

You can also rest assured that this style of hair will not change the length of the hair. Just like Lady Cameron Diaz’s hair, thanks to the tapered tail on the floors, she became much younger and more active. For these short hair girls, you should make curly 2/3 the length of the hair is reasonable.

Ruffled bob


If you want to refresh Bob’s current hair, you can try another version of it – hair bob skew. With the hair asymmetrically turning to the left (sometimes you can take all the hair off the side), the body layer can be lightly colored, trimmed at the tail, and of course can not forget to tangle.

A little bit, this style of hair will help your thin hair become more bloated, your face becomes more personal than ever. It’s like Sienna Miller’s hairstyle. To keep your hair naturally curly, you can try adding a roll of hair to your hair.

The swag


And the last suggestion to make the hair thicker is the Swag Hair. Not only improves the “LCD” status that this hairstyle is also expected to bring personality, seductive to her own long thin hair. The horizontal forehead will help you to hide your face, making your face look even more compact, while the tangled hair can be reshaped into a ripple, like Behati Prinsloo’s hair.

If you want to get thicker but still feel like a princess in fairy tales, you can try dyeing bright yellow, trim long hairs across your eyebrows and bend the tail.

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