Machine weft hair

Machine weft hair is the type of hair which is made by sewing the hair all together in one long line. It is also called as weave hair extensions. This is one of the two types of hair that are the most reasonable-pricing hair extensions in our company. Due to the way of application, machine weft hair can sometimes be called as sew-in hair extensions.

Weft hair is made from 100% Vietnam remy hair which can be styled, dyed or bleached. It has all cuticle remained and all hair strands are put in the same direction.

  • Single drawn hair type 1: this is the kind of hair that has both long hair and short hair in the same bundle. The average of the bundle is long enough to meet the demand of customer; however, there are also short strands in it.
  • Single drawn hair type 2: this one is a little a bit better than single type 1 as it has more long strands. It is also thicker in the top and thinner in the end of the hair just like single type 1.
  • Double drawn hair: this standard of hair has more equally long strands in the bundle of hair. As a result, it is also quite even in thickness.
  • Super double drawn hair is the best hair which has almost the same hair strands in one bundle of the hair. It is, of course, the most expensive hair standard of all.
  • Straight hair: natural straight, yaki straight and kinky straight
  • Wavy hair: natural wavy, body wavy, water body wavy, deep wavy and fumi wavy
  • Curly hair: deep curly, loose curly, kinky curly, romantic curly, and fumi curly
  • Black colors: #1, #1b, #1a
  • Dark brown: #2, #3, #4, #1h,# 2h, #2q, #3q, #4q
  • Light brown: #6. #8, #12, #27
  • Cold color : #8h, #32h, #33h, #6c, #9c, #12c, #18c, #5q
  • Blonde : #14, #16, #18, #22, #24, #613, #60