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The 2-child-mom is iconic with her flawless hairstyles at any event she joined. Even on her way turning to 50, Jennifer Lopez still makes all ladies out there wondering how to long-last that beauty. The secrets weapon are lying right there – hair extensions. Let’s check out these amazing looks of our super star-mom that rock all those styles with hair extensions as followed.


Gorgeous ponytails

From sweet low-ponytail to fashionable high-ponytail, this hair style is the easiest-to-copy. Wanting to pull off the simple ponytail yet glamour classic like JLo? All you need to do is pull all of your hair back to the regular ponytail. Then choose the high level you want medium-high, low or just to of your head, just any level right for your needs. Put on some hair extensions under the layers to give it an extra thickness. Secure your ponytail carefully with rubber band or bobby pin.


You can try to put on some texture to the ponytail to make an amazing end. Even with the hair extensions on your hair, you still can style is in many ways you want. Voluminous curly, charming waves or just silky straight, all are possible because these extensions are real natural as your real hair. All her brilliant hair looks are easily once more into a low ponytail and adds slight twists to the tail. It needs to state that she is extremely brilliant with this straightforward. Try in this style you can turn yourself on a JLo vices in a blink.

Elegant flowing long

This is one of JLo trademarks style which can be accomplished by anybody, regardless of the standard length of the hair. So snazzy with layers, this style is considered to never lose its fame. The middle separating and rich layers function admirably to outline the face shape. Along these lines, whatever your face shape is, you can simply be sheltered with this hair style.


With this style just by using clip in hair or tape a hair extension, there’ a way for you to have this Jlo looks in just a couple minutes. Everything you’ll have to blow-dry your hair and blow-dry your hair until the point that the roots in real volume. Then you can add any loose waves, attractive curl or let it flowing straight. This look is a turner for you to be the eye-catcher anywhere you go.

Bangs to that beautiful


From soft girly slide bang to fresh fringe bang, Jennifer is stunning in each of these styles. However, too afraid to cut your own bang? Try out some hair extensions to wear on this look and avoid ruining your own hair. To get girly look with slide bang just like JLo, begin by blow drying your wet tresses , at that point creating a straight line to the end for an entirely of your hair. Then dry the line up to make it stay in place. This is easy to change to and fit for whatever styles you like. Or transform to fringe bang to hacking some ages for younger look. Start by skimming into your periphery upwards to thin it in small area and keep it in same level with eyebrow. Then backcomb whatever is left of your hair to give it some high look.

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