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Introduce some information about Vietnamese hair

We will introduce some information about Vietnamese hair for you which help you have a good knowledge about Vietnam hair.

  • Characteristic

Vietnamese hair extensions was cut from single donor at Vietnam’s Delta and some area in the mountain. After collecting hair, we tied it 1 donor 1 bundle then we only washed by shampoo, condition carefully all hair no washing by acid and chemical to keep the full cuticles so quality is the best to send it to end customers

Vietnam virgin hair totally natural is same as yourself hair. As we didn’t use any chemical to change hair’s structure. Full cuticle and protein intact are kept and all hair fiber was arranged equal on the top and same direction.

So Vietnamese hair is normal silky, soft and shining and its color is black, dark brown, light brown or grey and few lighten end.


Vietnamese hair

  • Hair styles

Thick hair – Silk Hair, Natural wavy, Natural straight

Thick hair – Coarse hair

Thin hair – Baby hair

  • Good smell

Our Vietnamese hair products doesn’t have bad smell, if you buy a bad quality hair, you often meet bad smell hair although you washed it many times. As our hair is new hair (the time from cutting hair to you is short time), we often make hair extensions products by clients designer after order, we did not make it before order as each buyer is each standard

  • Time of using:

The time of using Vietnamese hair normal will be many years which depend on how you take care it like: using shampoo, conditional oil, using chemical, heat…

  • Quality of products.

We use 3 head machine weft and design width of weft depend on customers requirement. The weft line is very strong and not shedding, bushy during you combing or washing it..

Color hair: We make color from #1 to #613, use powder bleaching same with Salon hair. Bleach 1-3 times follow color customer want to make, all hair when bleaching was tested by technician very carefully to sure hair after bleach will more strong, soft and good color.

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