Essential Oils for your hair

The essential oils can really help your hair grow faster, this might be a long one. Essential oils can be used all over your body, but since we’re trying to grow out our hair and not everyone has the same hair type. Read carefully the product information as well as the effect, components for each type is right for your hair quality

Essential Oils for your hair

  1. Oils for Normal Hair

Normal hair is neither greasy nor dry, has not been permed or colored, holds its style and is usually shiny. And the best carrier oils to dilute this concoction would be a base of either jojoba, almond, or borage oil .

  1. Oils for Dry Hair

Dry Hair looks dull and tangles may become easily prone to split ends with the help of these essential oils we may then encourage our scalps to produce our naturally occurring oils. The best carrier oils would be a base of either jojoba, almond, sesame, borage, coco butter or avocado oil.

Essential Oils for your hair-1

If you have coarse hair, thick hair and big fiber, chemical treated repeatedly as bending, dyeing, stretching … then use concentrated oils.

  1. Oils for Oily Hair

Oily hair looks greasy and is caused by over production of sebum by our glands. Which is why we want essential oils for hair that can restore the glands back to normal.

Should use when hair is damp oily

How to use?

Please follow this step:

Step 1: Wash your hair, using conditional

Step 2: Blot the hair dry with a towel.

Step 3: Get an adequate amount of oil.

Step 4: Rub both palms and stroked their hair.

Step 5: Comb or brush from the top to the end

Step 6: Use a dryer to make your hair dry

Step 7: Completing the hairstyle.

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