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Types of Curly Hair Suitable for Your Style

Since appearing in hair market, curly hair has never had the sign of cooling down. It is always a great choice for girls or women due to the following reasons.

1. Style

Straight hair is very difficult to style as it is very simple. In contrast, with curly hair, you have a wide range of different hairstyle. You can untie your hair naturally, or braid half of the hair, or just simple have ribbon in your hair. These styles help you look more feminine and attract more attention.

curly hair

                                                          Untie the hair naturally

2. Cooling The Scalp

Curly hair functions as an air bag and window for the scalp. It allows the air flow and cool the scalp even in high temperature. This explains why curly hair is ideal for summer.

3. Moisture Proof

The hair with curls tends to be shrunk when it is wet. This trend is very different from the texture of straight hair. Thus, after washing the hair, you do not need to use hairdryer, your hair is still in humid conditions.

 4. Looking Thicker

Curly hair gives the feeling of bobbing and wavy, so it is considered a wise choice for girls or women who are always hauntingly worried about thin hair. You will overcome yourself this worry when wearing the glossy curly hair.


Thick curly hair

5. Protecting The Hair From Harmful Rays

The harmful ray UV is likely to penetrate into your scalp through hair strands. However, curly hair has different reactions to this ray. Due to its curls and waves, it does not permit harmful rays leave any effects on the scalp. Therefore, curly hair can help to prevent harmful rays from harming your health in general as well as your head in particular.

6. Showing Personality

To a certain extent, curly hair is able to make changes for your personality. Its curved lines and waves represents the wildness of a girl or a woman. It also can make you more confident about your appearance, which means that you find easy to express yourself effectively.

7. Having Not Much Care

Combing curly hair can make it more tangled. Hence, using hand to comb the hair is highly recommended. This will contribute to the reduction of hair tangled and hair loss. 

8. Making The Femininity More Attractive

It is believed that boys or men are very fond of girls or women with curly hair. In the eyes of the stronger sex, curly hair girls look very seductive, confident, attractive  

9. Helping You Look Taller

With curly hairstyle, you can try hair tie or hair braid. And the hair focused on the top half of the head will make you look taller. Therefore, this style is suitable for the girls with moderate height.

With these advantages above, it may be a great pleasure for girls or women who own curly hair.

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