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TOP 7 longest curly hairstyle for the year 2017

Long curly hair is the most popular haircut trend today. If you do not want to cut your long hair style, this will be the most noticeable hairstyle for you. These curl hair styles will help you embellish the gentleness and elegance of Vietnamese girls. And now just look and choose the right one!

  1. Long curly hair for long face

The the shoulders length haircut is so hot today, but if you do not want to cut your hair, this is a suggestion for you. Let’s look at the long curls that are prevalent in Korean dramas below, this hair style is curled multiple layers with pruning shears, pointed ends. It will definitely bring a modern and seductive look to long hair.


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  1. Long curly hair

The common feature of long curl style is that it gives the owner a glamorous look. And this is a very special style, it is the owner becomes more and more attractive. This is also a long curly hair style which is fondly warm response in 2017.

  1. The medium curly hair

This is the most modern and fashionable curling now for young people who want to impress with their long hair. Just a little more subtle in choosing the outfit you have become more prominent and confident. This hair style is so suitable for students, it can be said that the hair styles will become the new hair trend for 2017.


  1. The most beautiful curly hairstyle

This is the most beautiful hairstyle. This is a hairstyle, when you makeup or wear simple dress, you still look  young and stylish. In addition, along with the light brown color hair, your skin will be honed to be more beautiful, more eye-catching. Especially suitable for all faces.

  1. Long wavy hair


Wavy hair is so suitable for those with a slightly round face. This is also a way to make hair very easy to style to fit each face. This morden hair style will help you easy to shine.

  1. Long natural bending hair

This is a neat hairstyle that gives you more comfort in summer days, when playing sports or cooking. You only need to use the hairpin fixed hair length at a moderate height. These morden girls will definitely love Phuong Trinh’s ponytail way. This types of curly hair also bring fresh look and make you prettier.

  1. Precious curly hair

This is considered the most stylish hairstyle in this post. If you have time to care and style every day, then this type is for you. Surely you will stand out and be confident in every situation. If you love taking photography, this is a way to make your face look beautiful.


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