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To get a more perfect beauty, the girls need to choose the right hairstyle not only fundamentalist but also to suit the face.

Hair is a separate beauty of the sisters so a lot of girls have headaches often choose, think when you want to change a hairstyle to look more beautiful and novel. But not always appropriate hairstyles for all the girls that every face will have different hair samples to help cover down cons and the beauty of the face.

  1. Oval face

Classic oval face is characterized as symmetrical face, the contours of the face delicate, soft, consistent with a lot of hair, so the girls are free to choose their favorite hairstyle. But to crown all delicate features inherent oval face, you should choose one of three shoulder-length straight hair, curly bob hairstyle mild or tradition to create its own attraction.

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  1. Round Faces

Characteristics of a round face is round short broad jaw, short nose and forehead arc so less disadvantages to cover your face should choose hairstyles help your face look more elongated. You should choose to shift to straight hair long hair or long hair before staggered and claw hand tossed in all directions a comfortable and natural way. You can also brush the hair rising and high column behind to help more serene face.

  1. Face Heart

This type of face broad forehead, high cheekbones, the chin but toward elongated. You should choose hairstyles medium length, straight or bending able to float to the roof or mast deflection and so helps create focal points in your eyes and your beautiful chin.

  1. Square face

With a square face you should choose hairstyles that soften the edges of the face effectively. You can leave the roof with loose long story prefrontal natural, trimmed hair style floor to soften the edges of the face, effectively, and also curling tail. Moreover, slanted bangs trimmed fairly efficient staggered also help face looks more harmonious.

  1. Rectangular face

This facial bones square forehead, broad, long nose and square jaw so should choose hairstyles sugar soft cover next to the jaw. You can choose to bob hairstyle sniper’s face floor light hug, or a lock of long hair or bending down also face more angular. Especially with this face should you choose to bangs to cover the broad forehead.


Hopefully with the above guidelines you will easily find a hairstyle that compliments your lifestyle and fit your face.

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