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Things to avoid in haircare

In general, female often pay more attention to their skin by going to spa regularly; however, they don’t know that their natural hair is also in need of a special haircare routine. Besides, there are even some mistakes that women do in their hair care process. Let’s discuss and find out a solution to have a lustrous and healthy hair.

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One of the thing that you should think of is how your hair look in comparison with your face frame. A lot of people choose to straighten out their hair and cut it simply but these hairstyle can easily reveal the defects of the face. In stead, you can choose to layer your hair and some hairstyles which suit your face shape and personality. Additionally, ponytail is the one which show your face frame almost one hundred percent which can be adjusted by letting some hair strands on the side to soften your face and make yourself younger. As you might not know, following many survey, it is stated that men are more into long hair women than short hair (vietnam hair). The perfect length should be shoulder length. Moreover, once you are more than 40, tomboy hairstyle should be considered because it looks fashion and young on you.

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A huge number of people have the habit of using hair gel, hairspray to style their hair for silkier and healthier look. However, this is actually the way making the hair heavy and unnatural. The solution is to apply a bit of muosse on the roots, then blow dry your hair and lastly use a little of hair spray.

Over using heat on your hair is also a bad thing that you should avoid. If you abuse curling irons or straightener too regularly, it will lead to breakage, dryness and split ends for sure. One way that you can use to deal with this problem is to trim your hair one or two times a month and try to deep condition your natual hair often with some homemade masks. By using these methods, your real hair can be provided with vitamins, nutrients and minerals that it lacks before.

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Here come the color-treated hair. When you want to color your hair blonde, an advice is in order to avoid damage, instead of dyeing the entire hair with chemical, choose some shades of blondes to highlight your hair. This way is safe and make your hair look dimensional and gorgeous. Besides, avoid coloring your hair too dark because it can easily reveal your face’s defects such as wrinkles, dark circle on your face. If you really want to dye your hair with dark color, even the darker shade of your real hair, color your hair with a light coat of that color, not too much which can make you unnatural.

These are some things that a lot of people might encounter in their hair care rountine. Therefore, please keep these tips in mind to give your hair the best care as how you take care of your skin. They are simple and easy tips to do at home, you don’t even have to go to a hair salon to do that.

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