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Simple homemade Haircare treatment

It is undeniable that people, especially woman always want to change their look in a perfect ways. Almost people changing their looks by trying a new hairstyle. However, they can face with the damaged hair after chemical hair treatment, especially hard treatment with heat. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare some ways in aftercare treatment at home in case you do not want to spend too much in the hair salon for aftercare.


The first aftercare treatment that you can do at home is using egg. For each purpose, eggs can be used in different ways to improve people’s hair. Normally, it is suggested that people can use the entire egg to condition hair. Besides, egg white is used for oily hair treatment and the egg yolks only to use for moisturizing dry hair. Using an appropriate amount of egg in hair then waiting for 20 minutes. After that, wash hair clearly with cool water and shampoo. For the whole egg treatment, it is suitable to use once a month, and others egg treatment can be used every two weeks.


How can you deal with dull hair? Trying in hairstyle goes along with damaged hair. Therefore, sour cream or plain yogurt products are suggested for this dull hair. It is said that lactic acid in these products can gently strip away dirt and the milk fat give moisturizes. All steps you have to do are massage your hair with a half cup of sour cream or plain yogurt then set for 20 minutes. Washing hair with warm water, follow with the water then use shampoo as usual. It is effective in using every week for stronger hair.


One of the familiar ingredients in your kitchen that can help in improve your hair is the lemon. Lemon works well in treatment the itchy scalp which is from your stress, pollution, and poor diet. Lemon juice and olive oil mixture can help you deal with this hair problem. It is said that the lemon juice acidity can help your scalp stronger, dry flakes of skin, while olive oil gives moisture. The tip for using is mixture olive oil, lemon, and water in the formula 2:2:2 then massage into damp scalp. Setting time for 20 minutes, then wash hair carefully with shampoo hair. this treatment can be applied every week.


Another haircare homemade treatment is using honey for damaged hair. There are many factors affect your hair as hard water, sunlight, hard hair treatment with a chemical. Therefore, a sweet natural treatment can help people improve their damaged hair in their home by using honey. Honey brings natural humectant creating an attracted and soft hair. Using a half cup of honey for massage your hair damaged. You have to wait for 20 minutes before risen cleanly with warm water. Acting as egg yolk, honey can help replenish the keratin protein bonds that sunlight attack. This haircare treatment can be applied once a month.

In short, there are some natural hair cares that people can usually apply for their hair at home to gain stronger and healthier hair.


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