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The secret to preserving the shiny beauty for human hair extensions

Do you always want to change your hairstyle, from short to long hair and vice versa? There is no doubt that human hair extension is a great method. However, how do you know whether or not your hair care is effective?

The femininity always want to change to refresh themselves. But hair is not always ready to meet our needs. And human hair extensions is considered as a salvation, but have you really cared for your new hair? Following is one of effective methods of caring for hair extensions:

  1. Spend more time for hair

Longer hair means longer time spent on hair care. From shampooing to hair drying require a specific procedure to keep the durability of hair extensions. The best advice for you in hair extensions care when shampooing is to gently massage the hair and scalp with shampoo with fingertips. You should not rub too much on the joint and rinse it with hot water. Please rinsing hair in the natural direction to avoid tangled hair.

The most ideal condition for human hair extensions after shampooing is to dry naturally, soaked with a towel. But if you do not have the time, drying hair by light wind regime to avoid damaging the hair.

shiny beauty for human hair extensions 1

Instead of using hairdryer, you should soften your hair with a towel to dry your hair naturally

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  1. Do not shampoo too much

Shampooing is a method to keep hair clean and shiny. However, too regular shampooing can have an adverse effect on your hair extensions care. Hence, shampooing about 3 times a week is ideal for your hair. A small note when using conditioners is not apply conditioner close to the root of the hair and about 2cm and always retangle hair when shampooing to keep hair smooth.

shiny beauty for human hair extensions 2

The best advice of caring for human hair extensions when shampooing is massaging hair with fingers

  1. Use the appropriate hair care products

Choosing the right shampoo and conditioner plays a very important role in hair extensions care. Although each person will fit into a specific product, however, you should choose sulfate-free and low-sulfur hair care products. Sulfate in shampoo products creates bubbles but is a factor making hair dry.

  1. Do not abuse the styling product

If hair extensions is derived from real hair, you can use a flat or a curling iron for the hair extensions. But for that reason, hair extensions can still suffer as much damage as your natural hair. So when styling, you should not use temperature exceeding 380°C, the ideal temperature is about 350°C. Also, do not leave the machine on the hair for too long to avoid damaging the hair.

shiny beauty for human hair extensions 3

You should not abuse the thermal effects of the styling machine to avoid damaging the hair

  1. Use proper combs

Not all combs fit the human hair extensions because they can damage your joints. You can use a thin comb or a round comb with nylon fiber. With a hand keeping hair slightly on the scalp to prevent hair loss, you brush your hair gently and calmly. If hair is ruffled, you swipe your fingers and gently remove.

 shiny beauty for human hair extensions 4

Thin comb is a strong supporter for hair

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