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Right hair care tips for hair extensions for users

Using hair extensions has become familiar and widely in some recent year in the hair beauty industry. Hair extensions can be the effective beauty hair tools for who want to improve their hairstyle and deal with hair problem as too short or thin hair.

There are many factors contributing to an attractive hairstyle. Quality of hair extensions products is one of the important points in the success of hairstyle. Hair extensions can be divided into 2 types, human hair extensions, and the synthetic hairstyle. Regarding the natural looks, human hair extensions can bring the most natural looks comparing to the synthetic hair. Therefore, people pay more interest in applying for human hair extensions. Besides getting suitable hair extensions products and hairstyles, it is necessary to get right hair care treatment to keep the hair extensions in longer time and also maintain the beauty effect of hairstyle.


After few days applied hair extensions, leave your hair out of washing around 2 or 3 days to avoid lubricating bonds. Do not tie your hair up as high ponytail hairstyle for the first week after applying for hair extensions. The after hair care is important and essential which you need to consider carefully. It is suggested to make an appointment for taking care hair every 6 or 8 weeks to make sure about the good condition of hair extensions and the hairstyle.

Brushing is one of the daily haircare tips which people must do correctly to prevent any risk in hair extensions. In case you apply for human hair extensions, as McSara hair extensions directly into your existing hair, people should brush hair carefully. Using the suitable brush with wide-tooth and bring them along whenever possible to detangle if necessary.

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Besides brushing, washing is another routine haircare that people should do correctly. Hair products should be considered as both the shampoo and hair conditioner. Be noticeable that hair conditioner must apply from the mid-lengths to the ends of your hair. Washing no more than 3 times per week to avoid hair dried.

After washing, it’s time to leave your hair dry. Ideally, leave your hair dry natural way is the best choice. However, if you do not have enough time, using hairdryer can be applied in the cool or lowest level of heat. Make sure that you do not go to sleep with the wet hair. It may lead to the hair shed or tangle. Moreover, people may have the head deck in the next morning.

Before going to bed, in a few weeks after applying for hair extensions, you may feel uncomfortable and it will not last for long. Make sure that your hair is detangled and totally dried after washing before going to bed. If you apply for human hair extensions directly as McSara vietnam hair, you have to follow all the tips before going to bed. Besides, with clip-in hair extensions or tap-in, you can remove them easily, make sure that you take care of them carefully and storage in suitable place to prepare for the next time of using.

Hair extensions can be the smart choice for people enhancing their looks. Besides, getting correct haircare tips can keep your hairstyle and hair extensions in a long time of using. 

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