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Retro hair – Classical wavy hair: the secret for girls to be elegant

Wavy hairstyles include a great deal of different kinds but each kind posses own beauty which brings girls or women other distinctive styles to help them stand out their personality. Among these, the most impressive wavy hair and also the preferred choice of girls or women is classic but very modern wavy hair – retro hair.

Retro hair also consists of many different kinds such as Victory hair and Pompadour hair. For the first type, the hair is divided into two equal parts and each part is curled with a large curl of hair. For the latter one, the hair before the forehead is gathered into a big bun …

Wavy hair also make girls or women become more luxurious and fashionable when getting involved in parties or events.

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Finger wave

This hairstyle has been originated from 1920s or 1930s of last century. It is named finger wave since the ancients used to roll wet hair around their fingers and brush the hair in different directions until they make the hairstyle that they want. This style bring girls or women the luxury and aristocratic beauty.

aristocratic beauty

The feature of finger wave is that the bang is not trimmed, left or right parting and also curls along with other parts of hair.

In last decades, retro wavy hair used to be combined with hair chignon. However, it changes with wide range of different styles. Girls or women can style their bang based on their preference as long as this style is suitable for their faces. The hair is still curled regarding the form of finger wave.

The bang curled in form of finger wave with high ponytail is also a good choice for girls or women to refresh their images.

aristocratic beauty2

Retro hair combines with high ponytail

Retro hair combined with central parting brings coldness to the girls or women.

aristocratic beauty3

Retro wavy hair with central parting

The short wavy hair also highlights the soft beauty of the female sex.

aristocratic beauty4

                                                                        Short retro hair

Classical but fashionable, retro hair helps change the lifestyle of girls from simple and normal to more dynamic and confident. It also brings the special appeal of girls or women to the eyes of the male sex. Those who Many hot girls or celebrities in the world have been choosing this classical wavy hair to wear, including Taylor Swift, Kim Tae Hee, etc.

aristocratic beauty6aristocratic beauty5

Taylor Swift and Kim Tae Hee also pursue classical retro hair

When combining retro wavy hair with modern clothes will make the femininity very charming and seductive. To be more attractive, girls or women also can have their hair dyed by light colors. Besides, retro hair is suitable for different fashion styles, different facial shapes and it will be the best choice for female sex when going to office, parties or becoming a beautiful bride.  

Classical wavy hair – retro hair, the seductive and unique European hairstyle, is always an optimal choice for girls or women to exude the elegance and seduction when participating in parties or important events. This hairstyle is forecast to be never out of fashion and is increasingly popular with the youth.

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