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Proper way to shampoo your hair

If you always feel lost when your hair and your scalp still get dried or damaged even you wash it regularly. The problem here is that it is only about how many times you wash your hair but also how you shampoo it in a proper and suitable way. Without further ado, let’s discover some useful tips that will definitely work for you.

Tip number one might sound a little bit shocking but it is so true, which is not to shampoo your real hair extensions on a daily basis. The myth behind that is cleaning your human hair too often will lead to the imbalance of oil and moisture on your scalp which then dry out your hair. Too regularly shampooing means you take the natural oil on your hair away, especially, if you don’t condition or use mask for your hair several times a week, it will be even worse. The ideal number is 3 to 4 times a week.

Tip number two is that it is better to wash your hair at night than in the morning. It is common for people to wash their hair in the morning before heading to work or school but it is not a good habit, particularly for your hair. It is easy to understand that after the whole day of working and traveling outside on the street, your hair will get dirty and sweaty so a nice shower with shampooing your hair will be the best treat for your gorgeous real hair.

The next thing will be steps of a healthy hair routine which should be applied.

Step 1: Comb your hair gently before jumping up to any hair care routine. Basically, it will help you to get rid of tangles and primarily dispose of dirt, germs, dead skin cells on your hair after a long day out. At the same time, remember to comb your hair gently not roughly from bottom to top which facilitates to untangle your hair.

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Step 2: Massage your scalp with a comb or your fingers.

Use your comb or fingers to give your scalp a nice massage. This will help to circulate blood on your scalp better and enhance the effects of the next hair routine. You can either use a comb to softly tap on your scalp or use your fingers, they both help.

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Step 3: Spray sparkling water on roots of your hair. That might sound a little bit odd but it really helps. It is unnecessary to do it every day but one to twice a week is way enough. Sparkling water will give your hair a deep clean and also resolve the dead skin on your scalp.

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Step 4: Choose the best products for your hair type. There are a wide range of shampoo on the market, you should do some research to find out which one is the best one for you if you have black, red, blonde hair or curly, straight hair, etc. Organic and mild shampoos are always on the top of the best choice. Additionally, color treated ones are advised to maintain the hue of your dyed hair.

Step 5: Shampooing. Forget your traditional way of shampooing now, instead of directly pour your shampoo on your hair, press it on your palm and bubble it before applying on your scalp. This way will enhance the effectiveness of ingredients in the cleanser. It is just the same to your way of using cleanser to wash your face that you will have to make your face wash bubble in advance. The next thing you should keep in mind is leave the shampoo on your hair for around 3 minute before rinsing it off with warm water.

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