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Prevent hair from sticking out

Sticking out hair actually results from damaged state after undergoing chemical process such as bleaching, dyeing or curling your real hair. That’s the reason why well taking care of your natural hair is the key to solve the problem.

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People who often have to suffer from this situation is the one who get their real hair styled for many time. Particularly, we have to mention celebrities, super stars, etc who have to perform in front of public most of the time. Specifically, each time they will appear with a new hairstyle, or else they will use a ton of hair products on their hair. Along with the overexposure to chemical products is the overuse of heat on hair which both make your real hair weak and damaged leading to the sticking out situation. As a result, well care from cleaning step to the conditioning one is very essential.

Shampoo your hair in a proper way

Even as for normal healthy hair, improper hair wash can result in hair loss; let alone damaged hair. That’s why you have to pay more attention to this step. Before cleaning your hair, use a wide-tooth comb to free tangles on your hair. During the shampooing process, use cool or warm water but not hot one because it can make your hair even worse. Besides, don’t forget to use the suitable ones for your hair and skin types. As usual, organic ones are greatly recommended.

            Deep condition your hair

Use more conditioner to hydrate your hair which will make your hair healthier and prevent it from breakage. At the same time, apply more conditioner at the end of your hair because it is the weakest part.

            Use hair masks

Not only your skin but your hair also needs masks to take in nutrients to grow healthily. You don’t need to buy specified hair mask, but look at your kitchen and grab available ingredients. The food that you can use to make masks for your hair can be avocados, yogurt, egg, honey, etc. Do some research on the Internet and find the suitable recipe for your hair state. The one that can provide your hair with moisture are more suggested.

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            Avoid heat

Strong and healthy hair should also be limited to heat, therefore it is a no to damaged hair. You should stay away from flat irons, curling irons, blow drier, etc as much as possible to protect your hair. Wait until your hair is healthy or you have no resort but to use them, maybe for an important event, remember to well take care of it several days or weeks before if you can. One more thing is that, never forget to put on heat protective products in order to fully protect your real hair from getting even more damages.

            Protect your hair outside

Dirt, polluted air, sunlight are factors that are destroying your hair. As a result, remember to wear a hat or cloth before you want to go out so as to reduce the chances of exposing to unhealthy environment of your hair.

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