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How to prevent hair color from fading

How to prevent hair color from fading 1

Determine Hair’s Porosity Level

If hair is in poor condition (we’re looking at you split ends), a protein or moisturizing treatment may be needed before you color. This will help “fill in” empty spaces in the hair resulting in longer lasting color results.

How to prevent hair color from fading 2

It’s important to determine the hair’s health before coloring. You may be wondering how to determine what the hair needs. The easiest way to diagnose hair health is to conduct The Wet Stretch Test. This simple test will reveal if the hair is lacking protein, moisture or both. Both protein (keratin) and moisture are essential components of healthy hair –  if they’re missing, your hair color could fade quickly.

Avoid the sun and swimming pools

How to prevent hair color from fading 3

Keep your hair protected. A swimming cap is great as it protects your hair from the water and the sun. Wear a hat at the beach so your hair isn’t fully exposed. There are some UV protection sprays just for hair that can help, too. And if you can’t resist swimming in the pool, apply a strengthening conditioner to your hair before you take the plunge. This will help protect your hair from the chemicals. Out of conditioner? Olive oil will do the job.

Invest in a conditioning treatment  

 Using a conditioning treatment once or twice a week, as it adds moisture back into the hair. Stylists continuously say that one of the biggest culprits of faded color is when hair becomes dry. An at-home conditioning treatment can help you keep hair healthy without heading to the salon.

Avoid heat treatment

How to prevent hair color from fading

Yes, it’s true that you’re damaging your hair every time you turn on your blow dryer or use that curling iron. That make your hair color will be faded faster and weak your hair pieces. So keep your hair from heat tools. If you can’t, make sure your hair will be covered by protecting products and turn the heat down on your stylist tools before heat your hair.

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