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Short hairstyles are constant source of inspiration and use widespread for man and woman over the world. If you are going to style, you should keep in mind that it has to suit your personality. Today, many varieties of the classic short are coming back with fabulous hair and even shorter than ever.

With the short, it’s easy to manage and carry for various purposes. In these busy days, you need very few times to style hair on a regular basis. In this case, the short hair is easy to manage, and you need to invest short time to style them. This short hairstyle looks great for various purposes.

Layered Bob – the hottest hair extension in this moment. About short hair, it makes your appearance bold and smart. It’s suitable when you are no free time to comb it. It’s quite popular hairstyles now and be active person when wearing it. Making you strong person and your face will be bright with the short hair that hair is rounded a haft of face.


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Chin length hair – ombre short hair for the women who want to have extremely short length hair. From natural hair, you can dye the root one color and the top a different one. Sometimes you can use ombre for black on top and blonde in the ends or maybe light brown.  That shows you very strong and elegant. This hair in ombre makes your appearance stunning as well as bright. This hairstyle is suitable for the oval shape face.


For natural hair, you will be simple in black hair totally. It is total real human hair so it’s easy to care and easy to style. From straight hair, you can make it into wavy hair or curly hair that is suitable with your face or maybe when you go out or have various associations. Especially, it is remy hair so you can dye it to change the style and color that you need. You are so pretty in this hair.


Blonde hair color – you can make it with highlight from blonde with one dark or brown color. With owning this color for short hair, it make your body is more wonderful and attractive. When you combined with a short T-shirt and a jean, look you very dynamics. This blonde effect on the short hair with fine edges makes your face stunning. To have best blonde color, you can use virgin hair extension to bleach. And it can make your look completely different in this color.


In this article, I mention about short hair that is popular in this year (2018). When you want to change the style for your hair, you can choose it from our company MCSARA– we supply Vietnam hair. Because of being human hair, so it’s very amazing to make style and change many colors that you want.

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