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The new hair trend of Vietnamese hot girls in summer 2017

Curly hair

In the early 1980s, about 40 years ago, when walking around the streets, we would see the type of curly hair everywhere. At that time, girls who have hairstyle like electric shock keep up with trend extremely fast.

In recent years, those who have beauty demand has been familiar with the curly bobbing hairstyle, which creates a fragile appearance as a beautiful princess. But now, along with strong feminist spirit, in addition to embellish themselves to become more beautiful, girls or women also want to express a liberal and modern personality. Also, the curly haircut is so unique that every day, it becomes a bit of a heck of a wild look that it brings to the girls.

Curly hair, with waves looking like noodles, is no longer stranger to the femininity all over the world from the 80s and 90s of last century. In Vietnam, this is also a very popular hairstyle from the time of the mother before. In the last few years, before the assault of bob hairstyle, wavy hair, curly haircut has disappeared, and are considered out of fashion and not suitable for the trend at that time.

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Until the end of last year when Korean idol singer Sulli suddenly wore this hairstyle again, curly hair suddenly turned into a very hot hairstyle. Many Vietnamese stars also have quickly caught up with this trend, which creates a new look that made the fans praise much.

Vietnamese hot girls 1

Up to now, this curly hair has been still in the source of controversy, some suggests that this hairstyle can make the face look older, and it is quite hair to take care of it. It is true that curly hair is neither a simple hairstyle nor easy to fit all kinds of faces. If the femininity are not careful, they will add a few years old with this curly hairstyles.

Once you are not fit, or not careful styling, hairstyles easily add to your age.

It is undeniable that this unique hairstyle has the potential to make the hair look thicker, and also requires more skillful care than other soft hairstyles. First of all, if you want to style this hair, you need to have a try to find out whether or not curly hair fit yourself, you can try using the smallest curlers so that this hair style cover all your face.

Vietnamese hot girls 2

In addition, the female sex can also have a try to combine this hairstyle with short shoulder-length bob hair / garlic bulb hair with curly bang, which can make you look young and also very modern. The selection of the small rollers is also a hint to help your hair not only fashionable but also soft as well as cover your whole face.  

Curling the first half of the head is a very effective way for women who are still afraid of the “aunt” hairstyle. The long and curly hair along with the sparsely curled bang not only help the face look younger but also can overcome many disadvantages on the face.

If the small curls help to make girls younger and more mischievous, then big curls will bring seduction and maturity in their styles. If you are afraid that your appearance is somewhat old, do not forget to choose the right style of bang and hair for your hair.


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