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Janet Jackson Hair-Stylist for Essence Festival 2018

Janet The Legend

I am so ready for this year’s Essence Festival! Their lineup is fantastic, and some stars will have us celebrating the old and new music.

Your ticket is waiting for you so go ahead and reserve yours today! I nearly couldn’t catch my breath as I found out Janet Jackson is going to perform because I have never seen her sing live.

Yes, Ms. Jackson!

Janet Jackson Hair-Stylist for Essence Festival 1

Okay, let me bring it back to the present and gather myself. Janet Jackson is an icon, and no one can deny that. Her impressive resume started there but does not end there.

I am so excited about the Essence Festival this year! Janet Jackson will be performing and when I saw that I immediately started practicing my dance moves to her biggest hits. I also am trying to decide which bomb style I am wearing to her show! Honestly, there are so many to choose from, and I need your help in making a decision. I have numbered the styles below and guess what?

  1. Poetic Justice Love

I love the movie “Poetic Justice.” It is one of my all-time favorite movies, and you guessed it!

It’s all because of the matchup between my girl Janet and Tupac Shakur. The film is still a relevant story, and so are Janet’s braids. Let’s get into how you can rock these braids now.

Janet Jackson Hair-Stylist for Essence Festival 2

Poetic Justice Braids

Step 1.

Apply Cantu leave-in conditioner

Step 2.

Take your braid hair out of the package

Step 3.

Remove the rubber band or elastic band from the braid hair

Step 4.

Grab the end of the braid hair and “feather” it

Note: Feathering gives your braid hair uneven ends to allow your braids to taper off at the end. Pull on the bottom to remove the blunt appearance.

Janet Jackson Hair-Stylist for Essence Festival 3

Step 5.

Trim off the ends of the hair to neaten them

Step 6.

Rattail comb section hair well

Step 7.

Part your hair consistently and neat

Step 8.

Clip the other hair out of the way

Step 9.

Comb through the hair to detangle it

Step 10.

Apply edge control to the very beginning of the braid

Step 11.

Smooth the product with your rattail comb

Step 12.

Divide your braiding hair into two even sections

Step 13.

Divide one of the sections into two more sections by making one section smaller than the other

Step 14.

Grab the smaller section and put it over the bigger section

Step 15.

Bring the two hanging pieces together

Step 16.

Now you have both sections connected in the center

Step 17.

Grip one side with three fingers and put your fingers between the hair on the opposite side

Step 18.

Rotate your hand with the three fingers gripping the hair and go through the loop to grasp your hair

Step 19.

Always feed your natural hair between your index finger and your thumb

Step 20.

Open your index finger and your thumb to grab your natural hair

Step 21.

Your other hand keeps your other hair out of the way

Step 22.

Insert your index finger under the middle section to grab the outer section

Step 23.

Continue this process by rotating your index finger under the middle section

Step 24.

Grasp the outer section and braid it

Step 25.

Adjust the thickness of the braid by borrowing hair from one of the other two sections

Step 26.

Use your scissors to trim the ends of your braids

If you’re looking for some hair inspiration, don’t hesitate to contact us and get all the inspiration you need. I love going to these festivals, and I’m always happy to see how Essence tries to give everyone a platform.

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Let us know your experience below!

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