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First, you need to understand what “elasticity” is in term of relating to your hair. Elasticity means the ability to withstand tension and bounce back easily after extension with minimal breakage. Only with this definition, you might picture in your mind how important the elasticity level of your hair is. To put it in a different way, if your hair is highly elastic, it allows the comb to easily go through your hair without breakage. So, actually, in order to increase the elasticity level of your hair, you should increase the moisture in your hair strands. And here are several ways you can have a look at:


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  1. Using extra oils In Your Regimen

Among a plenty of choices, extra virgin olive oil is known to penetrate into the hair cortex up to at least 25%. The fatty acid in olive oil can improve the strength and elasticity of your hair strand. You can use it after washing your hair, when your natural hair is a bit damp or else, the alternative way is to mix it with your conditioner and use the mixture to hydrate your hair as the last step. Both are great to hydrate and nourish your hair strands. Besides, you can also go for other oils such as rosemary oil, almond oils, avocado oils, etc.


  1. Frequent Washes and Treatments

The fact is that wet hair is more elastic than dry hair which actually means that once your hair is moisture, it can expand the elasticity level because water is a form of moist for your hair. Therefore frequent hair washing is in need in order to keep your hair hydrated. However, frequency here means 3 or 4 times a week depending on your hair condition and hair type. Don’t wash your hair to much or it will even dry out your natural hair by stripping natural oil off the scalp. The next step and also the essential one after shampooing your hair is to condition it. Apart from that, give your hair about once or twice deep condition session weekly to keep it even healthier. Also, a proper protein treatment can be carried out if you notice your hair intend to break a lot.


  1. Baggying Your Hair

Baggying your ends, or entire head rather, creates an environment where the plastic bag traps heat helping to re-activate your moisturizer. This draws moisture and softness into the hair thus increasing your hair’s ability to stretch beyond its original length and return to its original state without breaking.

  1. LOC/LCO Method

The liquid, oil, cream & liquid, cream, oil methods are ideal for locking moisture into the strands. The retained moisture enhances the elasticity while easing possible stress in manipulation and friction. You are recommended to use these products to finish off the hair care steps. At the same time, before deciding to use any of these hair products, categorize your hair type in order to opt to the most suitable one. For instance, oily hair should go for gel product, while dry hair should be with cream ones. 


  1. Steaming vs. Hooded Dryer

These two methods should be used properly and regularly to achieve expected elasticity level for your hair. While steaming, the warm water vapours easily seep into the strands increasing hydration and the penetration of the conditioner. Remember, increased elasticity will be present in effectively moistened hair.

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