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The hair extension is no stranger to the devotees who love beauty. Because this is the “savior” for the girl wants to revitalize her hair in a short time. You will be amazed at the artwork after the hair is finished. Thanks to this method you are able to own beautiful hairstyle that can shine everywhere you go. So do not hesitate anymore, do not update the best hairstyle connecting this year to have long hair floating, catch up the trend!

  1. Beautiful straight hair extension

This is the hairstyle that many women choose because of “ambition” to have long hair thick, silky. In particular, this hair style can apply to the girlfriend mistakenly cut short hair is “tired” waiting for long hair! After a few hours, your hair will be “dizzy” to long hair as smooth as real hair.


Many girls are only concerned about the length, thickness of the hair after the splicing. But many of you are interested in the style of hair connected again. So you can select what hairstyle combinations as: straighten, color dyed hairstyles ombre … Add the “highlight” is the new value for a few hours sat mired wait makeover at the salon your hair!


  1. The large curly hair extensions

There is no denying the magic effect that big curly hairstyle brings. You will soon be able to have a long, curly, curly haircut that is as seductive as shampoo ads! Especially curly hairstyle is connected on the old hair background is difficult to recognize.


Depending interests and style you pursue, the experts will advise connector type hair curling hair extensions matching the face as well as your physique, but the connection should also be reasonable. If there is a small stature that connects a super-thick super-bobbing hair, then the hair will not “swallow” the hair is always pick you up! With this combed curly hair combine with smoke-colored or highlight dyed to give the perfect look for the hair.

  1. Curly hair extensions

If two types above the “seductive “with you? Try another nice and modern hairstyle! Brief description can be seen this hairstyle is not complicated, complicated when done. Because it is a combination of straight hair straightening and styling lightly for hair from bending curly hair, or hair bending hair curling, curling, curling.


With this hairstyle, your hair is guaranteed to create thick, even styling, without being heavy and still young. This is your hair style to help you age better. Who does not want to be young, modern and dynamic? This hairstyle is being hotly promoted by female stars, making them hotter in the female community.

Here are the best hairstyles combining this year. Did you choose the right hair comb technique? Wish you always beautiful with your new hair.

We, MCSARA, we supply a lot of Vietnamese hair extensions. You can free choose the best hair and then make any styles that you need. It will help you more and more dynamic and girly. 

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