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How to take care of your colored hair

Once you decide to experience your virgin hair with hues and chemicals, you might be a bit confused about how to give your real hair extensions the best care to ensure its health and its color at the same time. So, McSara hair will provide you with some useful tips that you can use and apply to treat your real hair when dyeing it.

care of your colored hair

The very important thing to keep in mind is that you have to prepare your hair for the dyeing process. It is crucial to make sure your hair is in the best condition before soaking it into chemicals and hair color. Especially, you even have to take a great care of it in months before dying even though your hair is the virgin, healthy one. Please remember to moisture your real hair regularly and properly with organic, mild conditioners and essential oil to keep it healthy and strong. At the same time, avoid using heat on your real hair.

The next step is to choose the high-quality dye products which will limit the damage to your hair and enhance the opportunity to pursue the right color you are looking for. As well, go to a reliable salon with an experienced stylist to get the best results.

Last but not least step is taking care of your color treated hair.

Opt for color friendly products such as organic shampoos, color treated/color maintenance shampoos designed specific for dyed hair. These products will not too harsh on your hair and they will assist in maintaining the hue on your hair. The reason is that your hair now needs special care after experiencing chemicals and getting damaged to some extent.

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Moisture your dyed hair regularly by using specified conditioners and oil to provide it with sufficient nutrients. Besides, using several masks for your hair is not a bad choice. You can use some suggested mixtures such as honey and lemon juice, aloe vera, avocado, beer with egg, etc. This kind of mask doesn’t only keep your hair hydrated but also supply it with minerals and helpful substances.

Don’t wash your color treated hair too often. If you do wash your hair on a daily basis, it will definitely fade and dull your color. It is advised to wash your hair about 3 to 4 times a week and besides of that you can use dry shampoo to keep your real hair clean and strip off extra oil and grease on your hair.

Avoid heat. It is undeniable that hair dryer and irons are essential for styling hair; however, make sure to avoid using it as much as possible. It is because the temperature can be quite harsh on your colored hair and it might fade the hue away. As well, it can make your hair become frizzy and drier than normal virgin hair the one doesn’t undergo chemicals.

care of your colored hair3

Using cool water. Rather than washing your hair with hot water, go for cool water instead if you don’t want to dull the color. The reason is that heat from the hot water will open the cuticle of your hair and let the color go away easier.

These are some suggested tips that we hope they will be helpful for you in your daily hair care. Even this is the first time or multiple times you use color to your real hair or even your human hair extensions, those tips are obviously applicable.

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