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How to look after your hair extensions properly

Hair extensions are an easy way to instantly add a boost of length and volume to your tresses, but if you don’t look after them properly you could run the risk of ending with a hair disaster. Luckily, there are easy ways you can ensure your extensions stay looking and feeling their best – we caught up with the team at Mcsara hair extensions who shared their top tips with us…

It’s important to look after your hair extensions

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Keep them smooth

Just like you would brush your natural hair to keep it smooth and tangle-free, you need to do the same with extensions, or these can get tangled, knotted and matted. Opt for a Loop Brush that’s purposely made to brush hair extensions – this will glide through hair and won’t get caught where they are attached to your head.

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Be gentle

If you’re rocking clip in hair extensions, be careful when applying as the clips are attached to your real hair. Gently clip in and out to ensure you don’t damage your tresses, and as a bonus this will give your extensions the best chance at staying intact and not breaking off at the bond.

Keep them clean

Don’t wash them as often as your own hair, as water can dry them out, and the natural oils from your head won’t get to them as easily. When you do wash them, stick to a gentle sulphate-free shampoo to keep the bonds intact – after shampooing, condition with a deep hydrating mask to keep them smooth and glossy.

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If you wear clip-ins make sure to take them out when you sleep or shower

Try a night-time ponytail

If you’ve opted for a weft or single bonded hair extensions, tie them in a loose low ponytail at night to avoid tangling while you sleep. It’s also worth applying a light hair oil to the ends before you go to bed to add in extra moisture and stop the ends from drying out.

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Style with care

Heated tools can majorly damage extensions, so keep the heat to a minimum, with low-heat tools used sparingly. If you can, try and skip days to keep them looking smooth between styling sessions.

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Let them breathe

If you wear clip in hair extensions, make sure not to wear them all the time. Take them out when you sleep and shower – and make sure to store them safely. If you sleep with them in, they could tangle and even tear out.

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