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Honey a sweet treat for your hair

 Honey is a very familiar ingredient in every single kitchen. It is known to be a great food that provides many beneficial advantages to human’s health, skin and hair. Today, we will discuss more to find out how amazing this ingredient is to your hair.

 Honey is literally extracted from nectar which contains about 80% of sugar and other minerals. Some essential vitamins like vitamin B, C, and substances such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, amino acid and magnesium can found in honey. That’s is why honey becomes a beneficial factor in hair care and skin care cream or even when it is used in raw form, it remains great to your hair. Besides, there are several methods that you can refer to when you want to use honey in your hair care routine.

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            Honey and aloe vera

            When honey is combined with aloe vera (one of the best natural hair conditioners for your natural hair), it will work well to nurture your hair to healthier and stronger state. Once your hair is sufficiently hydrated and supplied with vitamins and minerals, it can fight against hair loss, hair breakage. Here is how you can make this mixture: use the meat of 2 or 3 aloe vera leaves, smoothly blend it with 3 tbsp of honey. Apply this mask on your natural hair for about 20 minutes then rinse off well with water and do the following shampoo steps. Please remember to clean off your hair clearly with shampoo or else it can cause grease appearance to your hair then.

            Honey for curly hair


          sweet treat for your hair 2  It will be an amazing recipe to recover your curly hair’s look after soaking your hair in chemicals. The combination includes 1 spoon of coconut juice, a bit of avocado meat, 2 spoons of honey and 1 spoon of olive oil. Put all these ingredients into a blender and mash it nicely. Apply the mixture on your hair for 30 minutes to one hour then do the shampooing steps after that. This is a perfect natural conditioner for your chemical treated hair which helps to prevent breakage, dryness and split ends.

            Honey for color treated hair

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            As for hair care routine, making hair is an essential step. It is much more important as for color-treated hair. Here is a kind of very effective mask in improving hair condition and maintain its color. Mix 5 tbsp lemon juice with 5 tbsp honey and add ½ cup of warm water to the mixture. Well combining the mask and apply it to your hair for about 15 minutes. After gently massage your head for a while, rinse it off with cold water nicely. It should be done once a week for the best result.

 These are some effective methods that you can use to recover your damaged hair or maintain its healthy, lustrous appearance. Besides, taking in honey and other healthy food is also the key to maintaining your hair healthy from the inside.

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