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Hair types and care

A lot of people have no idea how to define what type their real hair is which leads to improper care because each hair type requires a different way of taking care of. As a matter of fact, today, we are going to learn how to find your hair kind and how to treat them well.

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Initially, we will talk about analyzing your hair. Actually, there are several ways to categorize your real hair. First one is hair type which basically the patterns of your hair, the second one is texture, hair density and hair porosity. For today, we are going to cover the first category: patterns of hair.

When it comes to patterns of your human hair, we mention straight hair, curly hair, and wavy hair. Straight hair is literally straight without any bend, it is basically poker straight hair. One of the things about it is because it is so straight so it appears a shiny and healthy look. Wavy hair is nothing but just a bend into the hair which is basically a C shape. More specifically, it is easiest to see after you cut your straight hair and it becomes wavy. Lastly, curly hair gets the S shape on it. The thing you should know about curly and wavy hair is that they don’t reflect the light back, the texture might appears to be dry.

Besides the general care for human hair in general, there are tips that you should note down about each hair type.

Care for wavy hair and curly hair

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Use organic and mild shampoos, conditioners and oil, particularly the alcohol-free products such as hairspray, gel, etc. But also, avoid oily, greasy product which might cause your hair tangling

Use wide tooth comb or fingers to run gently through your hair, preventing straighten out your hair

Never forget to hydrate your hair, simply you can use some plain water or mineral spray to moisture your hair

Braid, twist or use curlers to fix your hair nicely before going to bed, or else, a soft cap is also suggested

Avoid heat is necessary. It is advised to let your wavy hair air dry for the best wave formation

Don’t rub your wet hair against itself when you wash it because it might cause tangles and destroy the curls somehow

Remember to apply gel on your wavy, curly hair to maintain the formation of your hair

Don’t sleep while your hair is still damp

Care for straight hair

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Use proper hair products which are compatible with the hair texture even though straight hair is not as vulnerable as wavy or curly hair

Don’t forget to apply conditioner before styling or using heat on your real hair and after drying your hair

Gently towel dry your hair and comb your hair nicely to get rid of tangles

Tie your real hair up or put it into a hair cap when you hit the bed and don’t sleep with your wet hair

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