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Are you over deep conditioning your natural hair?

Let your natural hair dry is a bad idea but over hydrating it also leaves your hair’s moisture imbalanced. The reason is that once your hair is over in conditioned, the protein and water levels in your hair strands are negatively affected and it can lead to an array of problems and damage.

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It can happen when you use too much moisture, get insufficient protein or never let your hair dry completely. More specifically, when you condition your hair too regularly, use too many methods of hydrating your hair than it demands or let your hair damp for a long period of time without drying it, that state will appear to your hair. In today’s article, we are going to suggest several signs that you can pay attention to in order to adjust whether you are over conditioning your natural hair or not. Also, it is also a chance for you to know how to provide your hair just enough moisture and what to do once you are actually over hydrating your hair.

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The very first and obvious sign will be your hair’s appearance. It will probably seem to be limp and even vulnerable to be severely broken and damaged. Now, you might not find it make sense and think that when your hair is over conditioned it will look oily and greasy. However, these signs are for dry hair when your hair is in need of moisture and it has to produce more oil in order to make up for the lack of moisture. As for repairing this, adding up the protein in your daily meal will be a great idea. The reason is that your hair may not show immediate signs but a regimen that omits protein treatments through hair which has been chemically treated with color and heat can result in over conditioning too. Therefore, supplementing your hair with protein treatment that you can alternative deep conditioning masks with protein treatments to leave out the amount of moisture in hair strands. The protein treatment is necessary because when your hair is not receiving enough protein it needs, it can lead to over hydrating. Furthermore, once your hair undergoes a chemical process, protein and keratin in your hair can be depleted. It also explains why your hair curl changes patterns when you use heat or color after.  This break down in your human hair extensions results in weak, fragile hair and insufficient of protein. By using a protein treatment, it will balance the essential amount of protein in your hair and lessen the chance that your hair might be exposed to breakage.

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Above are several signs and solutions that you can have a quick peek to modify whether you are doing the right thing to your real hair. Likewise, if you notice these signs listed earlier, don’t hesitate to do something in order to provide your hair with crucial elements that it requires. At the same time, even you don’t see these signs, a protein treatment is still a good treat to your real hair too. Therefore, 

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