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Most dangerous mistakes you should avoid in hair care part 2

Last article you have had a chance to get to know what you are doing wrong in your hair care routine. In this week, we are going to find out more about the most dangerous mistakes that you might be doing to your real hair. Let’s get started!

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  1. Frequent use of styling products

Hairdryers, styling irons, and other similar appliances cause your hair to lose fluid, making it dry and brittle. If you can’t do without frequent styling, don’t forget to apply thermal protective spray along the whole length of the hair first.

  1. Incorrect use of your hair dryer

Using a hairdryer incorrectly can cause damage to your hair. Here’s a step by step guide that will help your mistakes:

To begin with, blot wet hair with a towel. Then take a flat nozzle attachment and fit it to your hairdryer. Begin drying your hair from roots to ends, making certain that the dryer nozzle is situated at the sharp angle to the hair strands. Such a technique helps to close the cuticles. At the beginning, while the hair is still wet, it is ok to switch the dryer to maximum temperature. But then, little by little the temperature needs to be decreased to avoid over drying. A word of advice, when you buy a hairdryer, give preference to models with multiple temperature settings! End the procedure by treating your hair to a few blasts of cold air.

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  1. An unhealthy diet

A poorly balanced diet and an unhealthy eating schedule make it impossible for an organism to replenish its supplies of vitamins and minerals. If such a situation becomes the norm, you can forget about having lush and beautiful hair! Make sure to always include protein foods of animals origin into your daily meals. An important component of the hair friendly nutrition formula is zinc. To avoid its deficiency, ensure that your menu includes eggs, seafood, kohlrabi, porridge, avocado, or prunes. And don’t about iron and calcium. You can find them in legumes, fish, poultry, wheat, buckwheat, and nuts.

  1. Not looking after your health

In some cases, rapid hair deterioration and hair loss can be the sign of serious illness. This could include gastrointestinal tract or thyroid gland problems, hormonal disorders, stress, and diabetes. Our organisms work in such a way that our hair is always the last in line for receiving nutrients. Therefore, hair problems can indicate problems with other organs. In any case, it is best to clarify the situation by making an appointment with a trichology’s.

  1. Neglecting to wear a hat

A cap or a hat can offer good protection from the sun. A woolen hat keeps away the cold. A special sauna hat preserves your hair from the harmful effects of steam. When choosing a hat, make sure that it’s comfortable to wear and it isn’t sitting too tightly.

  1. Not washing the comb

Your comb needs to be washed in warm water at least once a week. Also, don’t forget to replace old regularly. 

  1. Sleeping with your hair down

If your hair is long or medium length, you should braid it before going to bed. This will prevent it from tangling and frizzy. As a result, you won’t have to spend too much time getting ready in the morning.

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