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Curly hair – new hot trend for 2017

Curly bangs is considered the most popular hair trend in this year’s because of its unique and novelty.

If you are wondering which hairstyle you want to change, why don’t you try curly bangs which is a very hot to the youth? This hairstyle that is not only strange but also familiar will definitely make you look much more stylish and dynamic.

  1. The trend comes from Korea – the country of “kimchi”

Sulli is the person who contributed to take curly bangs and have stable position in the society. She confidently choosed her own stylish curly haircut with the bangs naturally messed. After a series of photos posted on Instagram, the keyword “Curly hair extensions Sulli” became extremely popular in the Korean and Asian networks. Moreover, the girls of Red Velvet, Cosmic Girls also chooses for them a type of curly bangs among recent products.

Sulli is the person contributing to take curly bangs come back again.

new hot trend 1

Red Velvet with classic, luxirious and elegant beauty and curly bangs.

Curly bangs making Cosmic Girls lovelier and more attractive.

new hot trend 2

  1. Measure for thin hair girls

Curly bangs is a great measure for thin hair girls. What makes girls with thin hair trouble is that the bangs always looks not thick and shiny. Let try curl a little bangs, you will see the change immediately.

new hot trend 3

Strange change for familiar sparse bangs

Short bangs of Weight lifter Kim Bok Joo looks more beautiful thanks to natural swollen curling.

new hot trend 4

  1. Curly bangs – luxirious and arrogant

Curly bangs has appeared for a long time, around the 80’s and now it still has the classic and arrogant beauty. Whether you style pony tail or untie your hair, these hairstyles fit in perfectly with this luxurious bangs. Only a strange bangs can make you from a normal girl to become a more attractive girl.

new hot trend 5

Curly bangs help familiar pony tails less simple and boring.

  1. Curly bangs – new, mischevious and lovely

When coming back in this year’s summer, curly bangs has many new variations which are more suitable for the youth. In addition to its arrogant beauty, if you know how to vary this type of hair, you will definitely conquer the boys who are keen on lovely and mischevious style. This hairstyle may help you look younger.

new hot trend 6

Na Eun (Apink) looks very lovely when styling curly bangs and tie the sides of hair

new hot trend 7

Mina (TWICE) looks more cute with curly bangs

  1. Suitable for many different types

Different types of curly bangs is whether you like natural or highligted makeup, active style or sexy style, curly bangs still satify.

You can make different types of makeup with different colors of Korean ulzzang “sizzling” when combined with curly bangs.

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