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Choosing hairstyles compatible with face

Each face will suit different hairstyles. But how do we know which face is for which hairstyle? Do not worry, you will be secretly revealed the secret below to choose a beautiful hair style to suit your face most.

Hairstyle for round face

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The secret to choose hairstyles for girls who have round faces is to create more emphasises and deceive the human eye to look at the shape. To do that, you need to choose a trustworthy dresser with skilled workmanship and keyword for your hairdresser is asymmetry.f

Unique hairstyles with varied hair layers and carefully trimmed hair layers create asymmetrical hair about shape and length, but overall harmony is what you need. This requires you to have you hair relatively curled or bend slightly.

Some hairstyles for round faces may be short hairstyles: short tomboy hair, hair covering face, hair with  so that the face becomes clearer and smaller.


 hairstyles compatible with face 2

Sometimes you feel sad about your rough jaw bone and it makes you lose confidence. Do not worry! Hair stylists always have a way to fit every face with the right hairstyle.

The key for girls owning square face is to choose a short haircut with hair trimmed covering the face. This will help you cover your big jawbones and bring about significant effects on your appearance.     

If you still want to style long hair, then the long hair splitting layer with the upper layer of hair covering the jaw bone will also help you to style long hair without worry about big jaw bone.


hairstyles compatible with face 3

Side parting shoulder-leghth hair  is the ideal framework that every girl owning heart face should consider. With this length of hair, the angles on your face will be neutralized, creating a sense of comfort, deceiving the visual sense.

On the basis of this basic framework, you are free to make desired hairstyles as types of curled hair: curly hair, wavy hair and natural long straight hair. However, remember to stay away from straight hair too close to the face.


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If you have an oval face, you are indeed a lucky person. This is the most ideal face for women because it suits every hairstyle. You just need more meticulous in choosing hair jewelry to not break the natural balance of your face.

Each type of face has particular strength and weakness, so finding these things are what you need to do so that you can choose hairstyle that fits your face. Remember not to catch up with the current hair trends, the important thing is that you should choose the right hairstyle to have the best appearance.

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